Etsy Don't know the difference between Handmade and Mass Produced??

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Original Post

Let me explain it for you.

I sew.

As do a gazillion factories all over the world.

I have a home studio, with two domestic machines.

They have a factory full of industrial machines and machinists.

I buy 2 metres of fabric at a time, and therefore pay a cutting charge and extra because it is taken from a roll (as apposed to buying a bolt/roll)

They buy fabric by the tonne and get heavy discounts on it.

I have only myself, from design to final product and I'm lucky if I get more than two items made a week. I also have to do my own admin, finances and everything else business-wise.

They can churn out thousands of units at a very low cost and have teams of people to hold their business up.

I know this is the same for every maker. Whether you painstakingly make furniture or jewellery or clothing or toys or soap or any of the other specialist items/products. The amount of crap we have to wade through on a daily basis with tests and the regulations and taxes and paperwork and grief and money worries!!

C***st almighty! Ikea will set up a shop here next.

Tell us your methods, show etsy what you have to go through to make your product, show Etsy your passion and how different you are from sweatshop labour! Show them how we are different from resellers because they obviously haven't got a clue.

Posted at 8:37am Mar 19, 2010 EDT


Etsy doesn't ask questions.

Just do a search of "Pandora Bead" in the Handmade category to see the proof.

They look the other way to mistaggers and resellers.

Totally fed up!

Posted at 8:46am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

I'm not going to lose hope yet Beth. I think maybe something has been misunderstood somewhere along the lines...

We can sort this out, I have Faith that Etsy will pull through for those of us who HANDMAKE our products from scratch...

Just out of interest, how long does it take you to make a single bead?

Posted at 8:48am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

I agree !

Posted at 8:49am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

It depends on the bead. Some take 20 minutes. And then they go in the kiln overnight. Have to be removed from the mandrel, cleaned with a dremel tool and then silver cored.

Posted at 8:49am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

<---Offically opened my Artfire shop last night. I've been sitting on it for over six months.

Put my first listing in it last night and will continue to do so.

Posted at 8:51am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

But you do it all from scratch through, right? By yourself? With supplies and specialist equipment that you probably had to buy out of savings?

And thats what I'm getting at! Thats what makes the difference.

Posted at 8:51am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

I have an artfire too but I've nevr bothered with it. May have to reconsider and start working on it.

Posted at 8:52am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

There was a meeting in virtual labs last night about this and where Etsy is headed on getting rid of resellers. I know it is hard because I see the same thing in the hair accessories.

here is the thread where you can get the meeting minutes

Posted at 8:52am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

I attended the meeting last night and the one before. I didn't hear anything that gave me hope, if anything it reassured my loss in faith about etsy.

Posted at 8:54am Mar 19, 2010 EDT