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Original Post

~♥♥~ Etsy Project Embrace Team Thread ~♥♥~

Hello and Welcome to the Etsy Project Embrace ChitChat Thread! We are a Universal Coalition of Artists and Vintage Collectors whose main purpose is to create awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed with Cancer, whatever kind it may be. The project began as a way to help our friend and wonderful Etsian, Laura Slocum, who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, underwent an arduous program of chemotherapy treatments and has emerged courageously cancer free! You can read more about Laura and her incredible uplifting and ongoing journey on her Blog: staytuned09.blogspot.com/

Feel free to join us on this Thread, by sharing your experiences, giving out healing energy to those who need it and posting any EPE related information including Treasuries, blog posts, donation listings, announcements, etc….. or just a friendly post to say “Hi!”….
We’re glad you’re here!! :)

♥If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Kristin at loveartworks.etsy.com or, if Kristin isn’t available, please contact Kim at slinkymalinkicat.etsy.com

♥For a list of all our members and for details on how you can join in the growing community of compassionate and caring Etsy sellers, please check out our profile in the Etsy Teams section:

♥Many of our members are donating the profits, or percentage of profits, from one or more of their listings to the American Cancer Society (ACS) for cancer research. For a look at our Etsy Project Embrace ACS Fundraiser Page, please click here:
Contact Jenn at jennreese7.etsy.com for any questions you may have about the logistics of donating to our ACS Team page!

♥We have an Official Team TAG! It is "teamepe" and we ask that you only use this Tag for pieces that have proceeds going to Charity Donations. To find our Team member’s donation related listings to use in Treasuries and Blogs and such, please look here:
Any questions on this, please contact Kristin at loveartworks.etsy.com .

♥Our Absolutely Stunning Team Blog is officially Rockin' the internet Cyber-waves with Wondrous and FUNtabulous Interviews, Weekly Challenges, News and much much More! Go check it out and sign up to follow our adventures here:
Contact Kim at slinkymalinkicat.etsy.com or Katie at budpnq.etsy.com for any info/questions you might have about our EPE Team-life in the Blog-o-sphere!

♥We are having a blast on Facebook:
♥And Tweet-Tweeting away on Twitter!
Contact Jean at 3squares.etsy.com for any info/questions about all things EPE Facebook and Twitter......peep peeep tweeeeeeeet!

**~♥~Useful Links~♥**
Poster Sketch: www.etsy.com/poster_sketch.php
Treasury West: www.etsy.com/treasury_west.php
Are you in a Treasury? www.craftopolis.com/
Front Page Treasury Archive and your Shop Statistics:

Welcome again and together, with caring, hope, compassion and love we can create awareness, spread ooooodles of Hope and make a difference!

Posted at 8:40am Mar 21, 2010 EDT


hi all~

and WELCOME to our NEW FUNtabulous THREAD!!!

i posted quite a lengthy blurb on the old thread, but for those of you who skipped right over here, i thought i would reiterate some of the things i said over there....

first....THANK YOU ALL!!! i literally would not have made it through the past month without the spiritual and mental support from everyone on this Team. it is a powerful thing when we rally around each other and i am so grateful for all of you. i also wanted to let you know that everything was beautiful at my dad's memorial service. i wrote a eulogy that was based in part on my first blog post about the hummingbird soul. i am so grateful for the inspiration that all of you have given me and are continuing to give to me just by being here. and i have cherished each and every one of the messages i have received through my shop and have saved them all....thank you.

secondly...and more importantly...
i realize that i am not the only one who has lost a loved one and although i have not posted on the thread in awhile i want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to all who are moving through the passages of a loved one, may you and your families find peace and courage and strength at this difficult time. and my huge congratulations on all the wondrous successes that each of you seem to be experiencing on some level, whether personal, business, spiritual or physical...it is all fabulous news to me and lifts my spirits as well as those of the Team.....yay!

i will be back in seattle soon, and opening up my shop again, (perhaps i'll even do it today.....just one or 2 pieces...) which will feel really good, to have a "presence" again here on etsy. my internet connections have been so sporadic it has made all things cyberspace fairly challenging and i've had to be particularly time conscious as i've only had certain windows of access here and there. i have mostly been in touch with kim, and we have been handling project embrace business on a somewhat regular basis. the new blog is absolutely wonderful and BIG KUDOS to all who are contributing and supporting it by posting comments and following it and tweeeting and twittering about it and linking treasuries and other blog posts to it! Thank YOU ALL....the word is getting out more than ever as i have had constant requests for new membership to the team every day i turn my little lap top on. we now have about 222 official team members...absolutely phenomenal if you ask me!

please remember that you can always contact me about any questions or concerns you may be having about project embrace and i will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
enjoy the new thread and happy wondrous FUNtabulous Spring to all of you!

Posted at 9:24am Mar 21, 2010 EDT

Hello, Team EPE!! Thank you, thank you to KRISTIN for taking on the huge commitment of starting up this wonderful team! Also, our new TEAM BLOG is fantastic and I'd like to thank KIM for creating that for Team EPE!!

I'm thrilled to be a part of this team and I hope to raise lots of money to help the cause. My sweet Grandpa Swank is in my thoughts as I write this as is my good friend Meredith Israel who is fighting for her life right now. Happy Spring!

Posted at 11:27am Mar 21, 2010 EDT

Good to see you (((((Kristin)))))

My latest twest treasury.

Jackie xo

Posted at 12:37pm Mar 21, 2010 EDT

Thanks for starting the new thread Kristin! Also, for your sweet words! :)

My latest treasury .... www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=92235

Happy Sunday everybody!

Kim x

Posted at 12:42pm Mar 21, 2010 EDT

tmpenrose says

Here is my T-West linked to EPE:


Welcome back Kristin!

Posted at 12:45pm Mar 21, 2010 EDT

tmpenrose says

Great treasuries everyone! Have a wonderful Sunday.

Posted at 12:47pm Mar 21, 2010 EDT

good to have you back kristin! what a wonderfull piece you wrote, thank you for all the kind words:)

here's my t-west with a few EPE members!

Posted at 12:49pm Mar 21, 2010 EDT

darn it, i missed the twest. going to check out the others now..

Posted at 1:28pm Mar 21, 2010 EDT