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BlackStar says

Hi Deanna
Congrats on your sale! I'm new to the team and haven't made a sale on an EPE item yet, but I'm just going to leave the money in my PayPal account and make a file where I can document the amounts until there's enough to donate it. I'm assuming that we can transfer the money straight from PayPal?
I'm curious to see how others do it.

Posted at 4:20pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

ginnyhuber says

BlackStar ad Caelum( Katie and Deanna)

Probably JennReese7 the Team captain of the ACS site might be a good person to do a tutorial again on the ACS site and donating..it is not a particularly user friendly site but doable. Kristin did a tutorial in dec on the last Thread..but it seems like time to update it.

ACS doesn't accept PayApl, though, so i believe people have used credit cards; that's what I did..

Also, if you donate under Team gifts, while your name doesn't appear there, you can donate less than $25 at a time..that's what I've done..

I will convo Jenn, and you, Deanna and Katie..and likely others will put info here or in other convos.

Posted at 4:33pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

Sigmosaics says

hi there girlies .. thanks Kim/slinky for showing the voter to everyone!! yay for us both! if you haven't already cast a vote please feel free to do so for whomever - thanks!:

My brother has gone to stay at my sisters this weekend so i'm going to take the opportunity to catch up ;)

Congrats to all the Carita - euro FP and also to Sharon for the FP! Beauty!!

love and hugs to all - have a great weekend!
Kerrin xox

Posted at 4:41pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

ginnyhuber says

Kerrin: Hope brother visit is going well..for all of you!!

KnotOriginal/Sharon lon the FP-withsome EPE'ers aboard! Congrats!Right now 1:45 Seattle time..

Posted at 4:46pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

Congrats to Sharon and all on beautiful FP! And to Kim and Kerrin in the voter!

I've been intending to tell everyone if you'd like to be interviewed for the EPE blog, please convo me and I'll send you the questions. Meanwhile, I'm stalking the entire team looking for (ahem) victims. :)

Posted at 5:01pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

BlackStar says

Thanks for the info Ginny! I'm so used to everyone accepting PayPal, that it immediately came to mind. :) Credit Card it is then.

Posted at 5:10pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

Just voted in the voter!
Thanks for the interview, Mollie....everyone should do one so we can all really get to know one another! Yay!

Posted at 5:36pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

BlackStar says

ThatSomething- Congrats on the front page treasury! Lookin' good!

I'll be happy to do a blog interview, when you run out.

Posted at 5:58pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

hoganfe says

Congrats to all the Fpers!!!

Posted at 6:01pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT

Voted! (for the chocolate egg, right?) kidding!!

Posted at 6:57pm Mar 26, 2010 EDT