An alternative to E6000 Glue?

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Original Post

I use E6000 glue to glue my cabochons to brass hair clips and bails, but I read that its highly toxic and causes cancer and I want to stop using it. Is there a better alternative?

Posted at 12:30am Mar 22, 2010 EDT


InMy2Hands says

Oh...dear I am sure anything you use will probably say the same thing :(

unfortunately if it works well it probably causes cancer or something

I love E6000 glue but just never use it one anything that a child would use and I also always use a toothpick and wear a mask when working with any glues

Posted at 12:39am Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Its in a silver tube, and they sell it at craft stores. I thought I had the name right, but it may be called EC600. I was at a craft show this weekend, and a girl who also made jewelry told me that its cancerous, and that it says it on the tube.

Posted at 1:42am Mar 22, 2010 EDT

windspirit says

I have never used that, but have used super glue and was not impresed, I have started using 2 part epoxy for the little bit of gluing I do, and I find it works well.

Posted at 1:45am Mar 22, 2010 EDT

VieModerne says

Do a little research into the ingredients before you totally freak out. After looking into it a little more, I haven't been convinced not to use it yet. Plenty of things are carcinogenic in our daily lives, but we continue to use them in moderation without panic.

Posted at 2:32am Mar 22, 2010 EDT

VieModerne says

This is the chemical in E6000 that's troublesome, if it helps:

and this is the material safety data sheet that goes into lengthy detail about the health concerns/

Posted at 2:43am Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Thank you so much for posting this, I am reading now.

Posted at 5:51pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

i was nearly sick when i read the back of this product after using it for ages! im using it for gluing earring backs to objects, do you think this is a health risk?

Posted at 3:08am Sep 27, 2010 EDT

GoTo says

I can't bear the fumes from E6000, I can only use it outside & leave the items outside for a day while it dries...

I don't have an alternative for your purposes--I had been making marble magnets and switched to Weldbond for that.

Posted at 3:24am Sep 27, 2010 EDT

DotStitch says


Posted at 3:26am Sep 27, 2010 EDT