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meganleone says

Hello Everyone,
I posted a suggestion in the Idea forum if you agree with the idea please comment so it gets some attention.

As with many of us, my items are one of a kind. When something has been in my etsy shop for a long time I take it to an art fair or a store. If it sells I delete it. The problem with that is, if someone had hearted it a long time ago and now realizes they want to get it or they are looking through old blog posts that featured that item and they click on the link they will get the Oops.Sorry, the item listing you are looking for does not exist screen.

Would be wonderful if instead there was a screen similar to the screen someone gets when that item has sold so that they can search my shop for a like item.


Posted at 4:48pm Aug 3, 2010 EDT

42things says

good Idea Megan... I'll go to the thread and comment

here's my listings for today.


www.etsy.com/listing/52999588/15-recycled-music-heart-diecuts-from (don't laugh, I tagged that one with Twilight... on purpose)

Posted at 6:20pm Aug 3, 2010 EDT

Hello guys, this seems cool.

Posted at 8:09pm Aug 3, 2010 EDT

42things says

hey William :)

This is a cool team... I'm not sure if they are accepting new members again or not... :)

Posted at 11:26pm Aug 3, 2010 EDT

lizziecaye says

42 - great items!! I LOVE the map envelopes - those are soo cool!!

Posted at 8:32am Aug 4, 2010 EDT

Crochooley says

what a neat treasury ... thx for including my plarn basket: www.etsy.com/listing/28724014/cd-plastic-yarn-aka-plarn-basket-with...

Posted at 9:10am Aug 4, 2010 EDT

42things says

You are welcome Crochooley, you have some very nice stuff made from Plarn in your shop!

thanks Liz for checking it out.

Posted at 9:32am Aug 4, 2010 EDT

Hi everyone. I haven't been here in awhile, due to very hectic goings on around here for a few months! I will try to get in more often.....I did miss this thread!

Thanks 42, for including my eagle in that Beautiful Team Treasury!


Posted at 9:38am Aug 4, 2010 EDT