How to seal stickers onto wood?

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Original Post

Hey everyone,
I make and sell handmade jewellery and I recently had the idea to try to sticking cute stickers onto wooden disks that I could then use as charms etc for use in jewellery making. However the stickers will probably peel off on their own so I know I'll need to use some sort of seal/varnish etc over the top. I'm really not too sure though of exactly what the best sort of product for this would be. Ideally I'd want the end result to come out not nice and glossy, the sticker become firmly attached to the wooden base and water/weather resisant. Well any ideas or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks everyone,

Posted at 11:09am Mar 22, 2010 EDT


The Golden company has several products to do this. I use Matte Medium #3530-5 and Regular Gel Matte 3030-5. Matte Medium is applied to the wood, then the paper placed on the wet surface; then another coat of the medium. After that dries, you can put a coat of Regular Gel Matte over the whole thing. For a glossy finish you'll need to choose another of their gels, but since I don't use glossy finishes I'm not sure what is best.

These products can be bought at Michael's, and other places. This site has a wealth of information. The ways to use their products are wide ranging, so you can experiment as much as you want to create what works for you.

Posted at 11:24am Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Hi ArtisticallySpeaking,
Thanks for you suggestion I'll definitely look into that. However I plan on using stickers not paper so I wonder if this product would still work for me. sounds like I might need to apply a product to the wood base and then apply a coat on top coat, not just a coat on top like I was expecting.
Well tanks again for the help.

Posted at 11:52am Mar 22, 2010 EDT

What are you calling "stickers?" Are you using paper with an adhesive back? Or are you using vinyl with an adhesive backing?

Posted at 12:07pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Palomina says

modge podge works great!

Posted at 12:08pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

I'm using paper with an adhesive back, not vinyl stickers.
Palomina, whats modge podge? Sounds interesting I'll have to look it up later.
Thanks then.

Posted at 12:10pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

echoart says

It's Mod Podge, actually -- but it IS great stuff!

Posted at 12:11pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Either way, with Golden or Mod Podge, just apply a coat of finish, lay the sticker down, apply a cover coat.

Posted at 12:21pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Palomina says

oh lol oops. all these years i've been using the stuff and thinking it was called "modge podge"


Posted at 12:22pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Haha, I thought for sure it was Modge Podge too! I just got an old jar of it out of my cupboard to be sure and it certainly is "Mod Podge". I learn something every day, lol.

Posted at 12:26pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT