Interesting "Buy Nothing New" Article

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Original Post

I found this article this morning and thought it was an interesting article, so much so, that I popped over to her blog and left a comment on one of her posts. The lifestyle she is aspiring to is my lifestyle, but she has the added difficulty of kids. I also think for a lot of Etsians, this lifestyle is also yours and maybe you have some words of support or wisdom for this family trying to make a difference in their life.

Posted at 7:57am Mar 23, 2010 EDT


Morrigan says

Good article, thank you for the link. Here's the family blog:

Posted at 7:59am Mar 23, 2010 EDT

how interesting... very good find!

Posted at 8:00am Mar 23, 2010 EDT

gonna check it out-thanks for the link!

Posted at 8:00am Mar 23, 2010 EDT

It would be interesting to know if a lot of Etsians have or aspire to that lifestyle. Sure would explain all those "sales are sooo slow" threads in the forum.

Posted at 8:04am Mar 23, 2010 EDT

Hmm, I sort of live that way, but only because I'm poor. We don't get to buy new things too often and we buy second-hand when we can. I have to say what she described as a "room filled from the floor to the ceiling with toys" seems sort of wasteful and indulgent to me anyway.

Posted at 8:04am Mar 23, 2010 EDT

there are certain things I'd much rathter buy new than second hand

Posted at 8:05am Mar 23, 2010 EDT

kittyd says

We buy very little new. With our income right now, we just can't afford it.

Posted at 8:06am Mar 23, 2010 EDT

This is the comment I left:

This is a great challenge for a family to undertake. I am single without children and I have been doing this for years. Like you, other then groceries, personal hygiene, the occasional clothes and footwear I shop all second hand, thrift, auction etc..

I actually started a business selling vintage items, all found in thrift type stores and at junk shops. So I have taken living second hand to a whole different level. I use the funds from this endeavor to buy handmade only items (granted that are new) for gifts. Or I use my vintage items to barter for gifts. Bartering is a fantastic way to be economical and meet new people!

For me it started with the day I just became so fed up with all the commercials on TV that were trying to convince you that you needed all of this product. I literally unplugged my TV and I have not turned it on again in years. In fact, just a few days ago I sold it on my local kijiji, to someone who was looking for their own second hand treasure. =)

Good luck, I hope you have a great time with this. Just remember that the joy of it all is how creative you can challenge yourself to be!

Posted at 10:26am Mar 23, 2010 EDT