Shipping to Italy

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Original Post

hydiemae says

Ive noticed in a few shops here that sellers have said they do not post to Italy!

Have any of you had major problems of shipping there?

Posted at 6:58 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT


BlackStar says

I shipped once, in my bead shop. It never arrived.

Posted at 7:00 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

hydiemae says

Im wondering if I should also say no shipping to Italy?
Seems harsh tho!

Posted at 7:02 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

elgarbo says

I have shipped to Italy and the print arrived.. eventually.

That said, I think their postal system has a pretty poor reputation, so many sellers just don't want to take the chance.

Posted at 7:04 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

I have shipped item all over the world and have never had a problem shipping to Italy. I would definitely make sure you get a tracking number. That way you know where it is and when it arrives.

Posted at 7:04 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

BlackStar says

I will still ship there. Everyone has different stories. It comes with having an online shop. Not all packages will make it.

Posted at 7:04 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

I'm pretty sure most insurance companies won't insure shipments to Italy.

Posted at 7:05 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

I shipped there once with no problem.

Posted at 7:06 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

Eidelweiss says

I think they also have pretty tight customs laws. For instance, I'm 99% sure I couldn't ship any of my items there.

Posted at 7:08 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

I have some customers in Italy -

Some request tracked (express) mail..

What I do for Italy is:

1. get a street address.
2. put the customer's phone number on the outside of the label.

I have had some delays (caught up in customs) but never had a package not arrive in Italy.

The best results are with express shipping - which is very expensive, but if the order is large enough, better to have it tracked than fret about it!

Just follow the rules of the USPS and Italy - should be ok.

Posted at 7:10 pm Mar 25, 2010 EDT

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