I have a crick in my shoulder, how do I get rid of it?

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Original Post

I felt it happen. Ouch. :( I've been sleepless for two nights over it and can barely move and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of it. This has never happened before. I've been taking my magical combo of advil and tylenol and it doesn't even touch it and I keep heat on it and it only kind of helps. For 24 hours now I've been eying a HUGE bottle of hydrocodone I've was perscribed in the past and never took. ;) I hate taking stuff like that though especially because I have a zillion clutches to make.

No doctors please. Any home remedies or techniques? I need a big strapping swedish guy to...........

Posted at 4:13am Mar 30, 2010 EDT


artgirlx says

i had the same thing this week...i couldn't think of anything that would 'fix' it aside from hot showers and massaging it and not using that arm much and taking ibuprofen...which is awesome cos i'm packing to move :P after about 3 days it seems to have fixed itself. so painful and annoying :/

Posted at 4:16am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

Hi Art! Is that why I haven't seen much of you, because you're busy moving? :( Moving stinks!!

Should I just POWER through it, or be easy on myself? I feel like it's traveling all around my back and causing problems. :( I need sleep. I've never taken this much medicine and had it not help things, it's kind of scary. Two tylenols and two advils, the recipe my doctor gave me for bad pain doesn't even touch it!

Good luck with the move!

Posted at 4:23am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

It's making me feel ancient.

Posted at 4:24am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

artgirlx says

yeh, i've been crazy busy getting ready for this move :P

i know, it gave me headaches and seemed to have migrated to my neck and i felt like a bloody wreck for the last week...and i'd just gotten over the flu the week before so it has been a miserable two weeks. i'm sorry to hear the pills aren't helping tho...i'm super sensitive to meds of any kind so a couple ibuprofen or tylenol and it helped a lot. do you have a heating pad? maybe that will help...

Posted at 4:28am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

artgirlx says

i've also sometimes had to cobble together a makeshift sling of sorts for the painful shoulder cos i know how much it kills to move it in certain positions...wth is that all about anyway? so annoying!

Posted at 4:29am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

Oh no Art, what terrible timing for your move! You must be exhausted. I hope the move isn't too far or tedious.

I'm super sensitive to meds too, that's why this is worrying me. I've only ever taken one advil and that's usually about twice a year. I've even had surgery and I never took the medicine they gave me, hence the 60 tablets of hydrocodone burning a hole in my med chest. ;) I'm sitting here now with a heating pad on my back on high heat and I just took 2 advil and 2 tylenol and hour ago. Quite a sight, so sexy. Teheheee!

Thanks for the advice, I'll be diligent like you say and keep the heat and the advil flowing. I'm just new to this. I'm also stressed which I'm sure doesn't help.

Take it easy if you can and I hope it's over soon!

Posted at 4:39am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

artgirlx says

i know, impeccable timing! :P no, the move isn't too far and it'll all be a faint memory in a few days. i'm just being really careful with the shoulder so i won't be useless on moving day.

yeh, just don't strain it at all, don't use that arm if possible...it should go away in a couple of days. i know it's a drag when you have stuff to do...but what can you do, really? :/ try not to stress and just take it easy.

thanx! you too:)

Posted at 4:47am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

MamaVSoap says

Want the number for my chiropractor? That's the only thing that every works for me.

Posted at 5:36am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

Poor Bri. I was going to suggest a sling too, to wear for a few days at least when you're home. Might help your parts heal up. You could get a hot water bottle too, and stuff it into the back of the sling.

Feel better soon. I know what you mean about feeling ancient: I threw my back out last spring bending down to hug my daughter. I was couch-bound for 3 days.

Posted at 6:54am Mar 30, 2010 EDT

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