I never received item

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Original Post

akkricket says

What is the best way to go about an item that was never received from an Etsy seller. It has been 3 months. This person has lots of negatives from buyers never receiving items.
Anyone had this problem?

Posted at 2:50 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT


LaurieRyan says

too bad you waited so long, paypal gives you 45 days to ask for a refund through them. if you used a CC you can ask for a charge back. also file a non delivery with etsy but other then that there isn't much you can do sorry

Posted at 2:52 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

Go to your feedback page - there's a link that says "report for non-delivery."

And techinically, you're calling out. If you have questions about this sort of thing, contact Etsy at
support@etsy.com or abuse@etsy.com.

Posted at 2:52 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

SudsNSuch says

I don't think there's much you can do. You can contact etsy but to file a paypal dispute you would have had to do it within 45 days of purchase.

Posted at 2:52 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

akkricket says

I knew about the 45 day thing for paypal, that is a bummer. I figured since it was non us I would allow extra time...that is what I get for being so patient. I will contact Etsy and see what they say. Thanks!

Posted at 2:54 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

wow you have been truly patient to wait this long :)

I would definitely write the seller to tell him you never received your order. Depending on his policies he should either resend the item or more likely refund you your money.

I thought there was a way through paypal to get your money back.

Posted at 2:54 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

Have you contacted the seller? That would be the first step, before reporting to etsy.

Posted at 2:55 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

lbilbs14 says

just curious...how is it calling out? i don't see her purchases....

that is too bad, you were patient! i agree you should be contacting the seller if you haven't done so already.

Posted at 2:56 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

LaurieRyan says

wondering that myself ibilbs

Posted at 2:56 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

rtisan says

enough with the "stop calling out" already! Geezzzzz. She doesn't give any specifics at all and it's a genuine question

Posted at 2:58 pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

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