USPS shipping assistant problem

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Original Post

Downloaded earlier today USPS "Shipping Assistant" so I could print the address label and customs form together.

I have tried 12 -15 times today to print a label to Canada and I keep getting the same error over and over:

When I click on "PRINT" a box pops up and says
"Please review and agree to the mailing Conditions and Customs Information."

So all the way to the bottom right I click on the text links "Mailing conditions" and "Customs Information", boxes pop up with all the information on shipping to Canada .. after I close those two windows I can never print the label. There is nothing to check mark or anything to say "I agree", just boxes to click on that say "print" and "close".

It just keeps doing the same thing over and over all day.

Posted at 2:30 am Apr 6, 2010 EDT


Are you signed into your USPS account?

I tried to use the shipping assistant without an account and my options were extremely limited and I also got pop ups that didn't seem to apply to what I was trying to do.

Once I set up and account, everything ran smoothly.

If that's not it, call them. I've had to call a couple of times and always received polite and great service.

Sorry, I can't offer more that this.

Posted at 2:36 am Apr 6, 2010 EDT

No, I didn't think I had to be signed into my account. I'll give it a try though, but my understanding was they were two different things.

"Click In Ship" you print and pay online for shipping
"Shipping Assistant" you print label/customs form but pay postage at post office.

Posted at 2:45 am Apr 6, 2010 EDT

Oh, sorry, I do believe you are correct.

I feel your frustration. All you want to do is label the package. Hopefully, someone else can offer more help.

Posted at 2:47 am Apr 6, 2010 EDT

GoTo says

For me there's a check box next to the "Mailing conditions" text/link but they are badly aligned. See here--I've got the box checked:

Posted at 4:03 am Apr 6, 2010 EDT

Thanks GoTo! You are fabulous, I never checked that because I thought it was for insurance! Duh I feel stupid now.

Posted at 4:14 am Apr 6, 2010 EDT

GoTo says

LOL--you're welcome. I think that the box is for all three things--see the "and" before insurance? They really could make that a whole lot clearer...

Posted at 4:16 am Apr 6, 2010 EDT

GoTo says

(I'm glad you were still around to at least get it resolved tonight. :) )

Posted at 4:17 am Apr 6, 2010 EDT

After all that and GoTo's help I ended up deleting the USPS Shipping assistant ... the label on the address was so small it was ridiculous ... even tried scaled printing at %150 did not help. So back to those new triple layer "Customs Forms" .. YUCK

Posted at 12:40 am Apr 9, 2010 EDT

as an fyi, i use endicia, and it's awesome. i would never go back to usps's version. plus endicia lets you ship first class instead of just priority. :)

Posted at 12:44 am Apr 9, 2010 EDT

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