What are some fun job titles for small business owners?

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Original Post

NeatThings says

CEO is too pretentious. President is same. Guru is trite. Owner is boring. "Master of Everything That is [Business Name]" is too long.

What do you call yourself? What are some fun ownership titles you've seen?

Posted at 12:51pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT


I call myself head crafter. Not to imaginative, but it works.

Posted at 12:53pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

SallyRags says

ohh, can't wait to see what shows up here...

Posted at 12:53pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

StellaDeer says

Hey, this is a great topic- wish I had some answers! As of right now I don't call myself anything-- everything sounds too pretentious to me, haha. I look foward to seeing some suggestions because that one stumps me, hah

Posted at 12:54pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

SudsNSuch says

I got a business card from someone once that said "the brain" as her title:)

Posted at 12:54pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

ellesbeads says

I guess I'm boring then. :) I just use owner on my business cards. It always seems a little awkward though, I'm not sure why.

Posted at 12:55pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

I love "the brain"!

Posted at 12:56pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT


Posted at 12:56pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

I should put "Chief Designer" on mine haha! I hadn't really thought about it yet - I'm sure I'll include designer somewhere in there. Owner does seem boring lol.

Posted at 12:57pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

I also call myself the 'supremus legislator fidelis' of graphic design.

Posted at 12:58pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT