Have your views/sales slump improved?

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Original Post

justbunch says

Sadly, mine haven't. I've been renewing a lot to try to make up for the slump, but it hasn't helped with sales and I am starting to feel like I am just dumping money into etsy with on return. I went from 15 - 18 sales per month to one sale in two weeks. Anyone else still struggling? Has anyone been in the position and had things return to where they were? thanks!

Posted at 8:03pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT


LoveLaurie says

I was fine right through March but I've been painfully slow this week.

Posted at 8:05pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

I never had a slump in any of my 3 shops.

Posted at 8:05pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

justbunch says

hmmm...i think it is just me. i can't understand why i have had such a down turn when i haven't done anything differently. i am SO confused!!!

Posted at 8:07pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

justbunch says

then again, maybe it is just a fluke three weeks and things will go back to normal....starting now!?

Posted at 8:08pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

We are supposed to get sales? 1sale in over a month... views are down too, did all the buyers get their internet shut off?

Posted at 8:08pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

I had a sale Sunday but the two new items I posted today have zero views. I'm pretty new but so far I haven't seen any trend in what gets me no views or many views.

Posted at 8:11pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

I was fine through the 3rd week of March then fell off a cliff...my shop is so dead... not even a convo lol

Posted at 8:11pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

s l u m p e d

Posted at 8:11pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

I think things are still slow.... but I'm starting to see a turn around.

Posted at 8:12pm Apr 7, 2010 EDT

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