BE HONEST Why can't I sell anything

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Original Post

Please be honest, Why can't I get a sale.
Is it my items, my prices, my descriptions, Shipping costs?
Whats stopping you from buying anything in my store?

Posted at 6:49 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT


LittleMustHave I think you starting to worry to early. As I see your shop is open only from March 2010...there are not much views on your items which means you are probably not promoting them enough besides Etsy. Your items are sweet and your prices are good, but there are much work requred almost daily to keep a shop going :)

- Adding new items daily or at least renewing items several times a week
- Blogging and twitting and whatever work best
- Creating new ideas :)

I hope it helps.

Posted at 6:52 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

Thanks Catswith attitude, Blogging just isnt working for me- No one visits and I have no idea what to blog about half the time.
Plus with my low cost items, I cant really afford to renew items over and over.

Posted at 6:58 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

May be to try to add another members on the blogs and to develop a conversation would be helpful. Sometimes when we just sit and wait till other people will come to visit sadly it never happens :) Just try to look around to the topics or blogs that are seems interesting, I am sure it will bring you visitors back.

Posted at 7:10 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

petitpoix says

jewelry and crochet are both very saturated markets here on Etsy. Very competitive. You are still new. The main problem is probably getting known off etsy. Marketing. Twitter, facebook, passing out business cards, blogging. Tooting your horn.

Posted at 7:12 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

It is hard to stand out with so few items in your shop - especially in the most saturated category here. You have to promote your shop heavily to bring customers to you. Post in the forums, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, hand out business cards, put shop announcements on public bulletin boards, leave a stack of cards wherever you can.

You should remove the word welcome and all the ********** from your shop announcement. Search engines look at the first few words in your shop announcement for relevancy and your are wasted with all those characters. Re write it and start with saying what you sell. Also your shop title should be changed to what you sell instead of your shop name. You will have a better chance of being picked up by outside search engines - right now your chances are slim to none in showing up when someone Googles silver bracelet.

The backgrounds you chose are competing with your jewelry. Your bracelets don't stand out at all - all I see is the face of the girl in your background. You want to showcase your jewelry not the backgrounds. Use solid contrasting backgrounds that make your jewelry pop. All people have to go on is a small thumbnail photo when they search here and yours wouldn't really bring attention to your items.

Modeling earrings is something that is known to turn off many customers. If you want to model them you need to address the concern for hygiene by either staying the earrings will be cleaned or the ones modeled aren't the ones that will be received. It is probably in your best interest not to model the earrings at all. Seems the majority don't like seeing earrings modeled on a live person.

Posted at 7:14 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

You won't have to renew for awhile since yr shop is new and the .20 is worth it, at least I think so. I noticed complete measurements are missing on the earrings, I think that wd be important since they are large. Jewelry is very nice, esp the bracelets, but I'd take another look at the order of your photos. It's best to have #1 on a plain background & then put the fancy shots after. A customer can get distracted trying to figure out what's up there with a busy background. I like props in a shot but they can't overpower the product. Good luck!

Posted at 7:14 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

kirstenann says

I am not sure many people are not getting many sales this year for some reason.It took me 6 weeks to get my first sale on Etsy.

Posted at 7:20 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

LoveNYarn says

Your photos are attractive, but don't bring out the product -- I was looking more at the photo than the jewelry. Make your name known by joining a team, participating in forums, etc. And hang in there. You haven't been here that long -- many wait months for their first sale, all the while tweaking photos, descriptions, etc. to find the right combo. There's one post called "31 sales in 31 days" -- she gives lots of hints on how she did it -- try to find it and read it over for excellent suggestions

Posted at 7:23 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

LoveNYarn says

Just found the link again, here it is:

Posted at 7:24 am Apr 10, 2010 EDT

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