How to drill holes in agate stones for jewelry

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Ok rtisan, now that makes more sense. Thanks to all the posters; I'll try some of these ideas.

Posted at 7:07 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

This may help. The technique to drill glass is the same to drill stones:

Posted at 3:57 pm Apr 13, 2010 EDT

kenoiseke says

I've been looking into drill holes in my agate slices for a while. I just recently received diamon drill bits in the mail and they are the twist type. I just tried drilling, and nothing. Not even a scratch on the surface! So now, with the help of the post above I'm going to try the hole saw drill bits and hope that works. I use tape on the surface to stop the bit from slipping around which really helps but alas the bits don't even work. I need to import the drill bits from china as here the hardware store doesnt have anything smalled than 5mm. So I'm going to be waiting a while to try again...

If anyone else has any other tips, that would be great.

Posted at 3:34 am Apr 21, 2010 EDT

agatehouse says

you need a drilling machine to drill holes in agate easily,which may cost about $200,I drill holes every day,it is easy and fast

Posted at 4:39 am Dec 9, 2010 EST

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