Why am I so stupid?

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Original Post

I decided to be a total jerk. My best friend is mad at me, and I have to issue him an apology/monologue. So, yes, I basically ruined everything. And the crowning moment in my long-winded speech is this:

"I have the maturity (or lack thereof) level of a third grade boy who likes to throw muffins at the head of the girl he likes during snack time."

Yep. ._.;

Posted at 6:02 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT


That's a pretty good crowning moment. :)

I think I would have to accept an apology like that.

Good luck!

Posted at 6:04 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

Awww, don't be so hard on yourself. Make a sincere apology, and hopefully you both can move on. You'll laugh about it later :)

Posted at 6:04 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

I hope so.

What I did was kind of bad, though. I put his picture on encyclopediadramatica.com under "goth" and I made fun of him. ._.;

Posted at 6:08 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

The worst part is that I'm a total hypocrite! He and I act and look so freaking similar that you'd swear we were separated at birth. Really. It scares me sometimes.

Posted at 6:09 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

I once saw a plaque that gave the definition of a friend as someone who knows all your faults but likes you anyway.

Make that apology, then take things from there.

Posted at 6:14 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

Post a picture of yourself and mock yourself even worse than you did your friend. Then give a sincere apology.

Posted at 6:16 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

I just texted him because my monologue wouldn't send. I tried calling, but he's in class until nine. No answer yet.

Posted at 6:17 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

Kymsart777 says

We all make mistakes. It was a moment in time and at least you are acknowledging it and apologizing. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Posted at 6:20 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

Plaidfuzz says

Is this a friend friend, or a I wanna be more than friends friend?

Posted at 6:21 pm Apr 12, 2010 EDT

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