So what's up on Zibbet? Any sales yet, is the premium membership worth it?

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Original Post

Hey all!

I've been on Zibbet for 2 weeks now and I was wondering how everyone else has done there? My Etsy shop here is not doing what it normally does in sales, my jewelry shop too:*( I have some okay views on Zibbet and I was wondering if anyone had any sales there yet?


Posted at 1:05pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT


(it's my turn to be the stalker. LOL!)

I haven't had any sales in this shop on Z, but I have had a few in my Poocheze shop.

It's new, so it's slower, but my Poocheze account is free, so I'm happy waiting. :)


Posted at 1:07pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

Hi Poocheze any/all stalking is appreciated! And you always have sales so that doesn't count! lol Just kidding:)

Posted at 1:08pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

I've had three sales there- I am having a sale that I promoted though, one was a repeat buyer that had the coupon code, another found me through 1KM and bought through Z with the coupon code, and I got another sale today with a brand new (seconds old) listing. I REALLY like having the option to do the coupon code. I REALLY wish we could do that here.

I have a premium account.

Posted at 1:12pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

i have had my shop up there for 2 weeks as well. no sales. but i only listed 6 things then left it alone

Posted at 1:14pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

oh and I've had two sales through Etsy this month. So... yes, Z is worth it for me right now! I love Etsy though... just wish we had the coupon code thing. I'm sure that's why I had the sales there as opposed to here.

Posted at 1:14pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

It's mightly slow loading still. Just trying to check it out.

Posted at 1:19pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

Wow! So people are starting to get some sales? I want to load everything there but no Etsy importer yet. I'm too busy right now to do each one individually, but of course I have time for forums! LOL

Posted at 1:22pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

DyNaModuo says

No sales yet- but I really haven't been putting that much effort into it either. Its just like on here- you get out of it what you put into it. I have a freebie account and I think I will keep it that way until I see sales coming in.


Posted at 1:37pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT