Do you have FOREST GREEN items for a COLOR FEATURE on my BLOG?

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Original Post

I do a Color Feature on my blog every Monday and it is tweeted/facebooked and shared by everyone featured on their network.

Last week we had 700+ views!!

This week's color is Bright Red and 8 beautiful pieces have been included.

For next week, I am looking for FOREST GREEN colored items to feature on my blog.

If you would like to enter for a Color Feature on my blog, you have to do the following TWO steps,

1. Leave a comment on my blog telling me your favorite items from this week's feature.


2. Post your item matching next week's color, "FOREST GREEN" in this Etsy Forum. Match your item with the Color Swatch in my blog.

Also, Do mention your blogname in this forum, if different from your etsy shopname.

Posted at 11:30am Apr 19, 2010 EDT


rachelcart says

I left a comment, every thing is so sweet....
Here is my forest Green


Posted at 11:39am Apr 19, 2010 EDT

Left a comment on your blog :) Here's my forest green item:


Posted at 11:40am Apr 19, 2010 EDT

bottlehood says

Greetings Creativewithclay...

Thanks for choosing BottleHood's repurposed RED cerveza bottle tumblers for this week's color feature! I don't get a lot of these particular bottles so it's rare when I can post them...

Set of SIX TUMBLERS made from Recycled Wine Bottles -- NEW ITEM

Have an awesome green earth week!

Posted at 11:47am Apr 19, 2010 EDT

Here is my forest green offering -
Thanks so much for the consideration.
Off to comment on your blog :)

Posted at 11:52am Apr 19, 2010 EDT

Best way to celebrate Green Earth week!

Posted at 11:52am Apr 19, 2010 EDT