Inquiry by PayPal, temporary hold??

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Original Post

Wondering what you have done in this situation when a customers funds are put on hold. Do you contact the customer to ask why?
Contact paypal to ask why?

Does anyone have any experience with this? I like to do quick shipping, and thought I would check in forums for some good advice......

Posted at 6:47pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT


BowWowzerZ says

is it an "e-check"?

Posted at 6:48pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

It looks like a pretty new account feb 2010, 11 good feedbacks, paypal just says- investigating order, holding funds. It just came in...I don't want to embarrass customer....?

Posted at 6:54pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

tinahdee says

It happens from time to time; if you wait about 24 hours it is almost always lifted.

Posted at 6:54pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

DJReigel says

I wouldn't worry about it. They usually process the transaction within 24-48 hours. Even seasoned "paypallers" get temporary holds. It happened to a lot of our buyers during Christmas, don't know why. But everything worked out.

Posted at 6:54pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

Sometimes this happens if they use a different funding source, maybe a new credit card. I have had this happen several times in every instance it cleared in about 24-36 hours, I would wait at least 24 hours before contacting.

Posted at 6:56pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

BowWowzerZ says:
is it an "e-check"?
No just regular sale, did you guys contact your customer or just wait it out?

Posted at 6:57pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

you can always ask paypal and see what is up.

Posted at 6:57pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

Thanks you guys for your help! I think I will sit on it for 24 (:

Posted at 9:27pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

aosLeather says

i had this happen once. I just wrote to the customer & told them Paypal had put a temporary hold & i would ship once it cleared. Turned out to be a non-thing (they used a credit card they hadn't used on Paypal before) and payment was released in 2-3 days.

Posted at 9:30pm Apr 19, 2010 EDT

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