Second Chance BNS - Day 541 *10,077 Sales*

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Original Post

Make sales and friends!
The rules are simple!

-Make a purchase from any of the shops on today's list and you'll be put on tomorrow's list for 24 hours, no matter how many sales you have!

-This is called the Second Chance BNS for a reason: If you don't have a sale the first 24 hours on the list, your shop will be put on the list the next

-Shops on their "Second Chance" will be indicated with a (SC) next to their shop name.

-Buy from an SC shop at any time during the thread and earn an extra day!

-$3 MINIMUM PER TRANSACTION (BEFORE SHIPPING) For example, if you buy from two different shops, you must spend $3 at each shop for them both to count!

-You don't have to worry about calling out who you're shopping from before you purchase!

-Buy from multiple shops to increase your days on the list. Buying multiple items from the same shop will only count as one transaction.

-You MUST post the proper clickable transaction link for your purchase, the day it is purchased, before the thread closes at 12am Etsy time in order for

me to secure your spot. [No transaction link, no spot, no exceptions!]

-Each list will run from 12am-12am! DO NOT UPDATE OR ALTER THE LIST to add or remove shops, I will take care of any changes and get the new list posted
every day :]

-Only one shop per line is permitted. If you have mulitiple shops and would like them all on the list, each shop has to buy on.

-No Double Dipping. If you purchase from another BNS, do not post the same transaction links here!

-PLEASE ONLY PROMOTE YOUR SHOP IF YOU ARE ON THE CURRENT LIST! If you have bought on and will be on the next list, please wait until the new list is
posted [at 12am Etsy Time] before you promote yourself. [Sorry to be a pain about this, but we keep having problems with people buying from shops that
aren't on the list because those shops are promoting themselves all the time].

-Trades will be allowed provided each side of the transaction is a minimum of $3.00 before shipping.

-There will be a daily Power Seat selected at the beginning of each thread. Purchasing from this Power Seat will get you 3 days during non-frenzy days
and 4 days during frenzies.

New Rules:

1) Starting IMMEDIATELY, you must check in once a week. Simply posting the words "Checking In!" and then disappearing for the rest of the week will NOT
count. Sorry, but that's annoying and in no way productive!

2) If you have not checked in at least once during the week by 11:59pm on Sunday night, your shop will not be on the list on Monday. Your days will be

banked and you will need to convo me to come back on.

3) If you have not checked in for at least 30 days, and have not requested that your days be banked via convo to DandDWoodworks, your shop will be

removed from the list, and you will lose all of your days. You will need to make a purchase to buy back on.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Check out the FAQ thread I made just for this BNS! If your question is not answered there, feel free to convo me!

How to Post a Transaction Link:
Go to Your Etsy
Click on Purchases
Click on what you bought
Copy/paste the url at the top of the screen into the thread :D
(it will have the word "transaction" in the link)

Guide to how many days you earn and when:

During NON-FRENZY hours:

1 day from non-SC shops
2 days from SC shops
3 days from the power seat

During the Frenzy:
2 days from non-SC shops
3 days from SC shops
4 days from the power seat

There is not a frenzy every day - if there is going to be one, the time of the frenzy will be in the second post on page one.

That's it! Now let's get shopping! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :D
10,077 Sales so far!

Today's Shops:
17. (SC)(9)
18. (SC)(59)
19. (SC)(138)
20. (SC)(58)
21. (SC)(145)
22. (SC)(42)
23. (33)
24. (SC)(39)
25. (16)
26. (SC)(13)
27. (SC)(131)
28. (SC)(38)
29. (9)
30. (SC)(79)
31. (104)
32. (18)
33. (SC)(33)
34. (37)
35. (48)
36. (SC)(18)
37. (SC)(10)
38. (131)
39. (SC)(28)
40. (52)
41. (SC)(101)
42. (SC)(14)
43. (16)
44. (SC)(4)
45. (SC)(24)
46. (SC)(11)
47. (SC)(17)
48. (SC)(58)
49. (SC)(224)
50. (SC)(25)
51. (SC)(76)
52. (SC)(74)
53. (SC)(25)
54. (42)
55. (SC)(74)
56. (26)
57. (16)
58. (SC)(7)
60. (13)
61. (SC)(15)
62. (SC)(29)
63. (SC)(15)
64. (SC)(13)
65. (22)
66. (SC)(41)
67. (67)
68. (SC)(61)
69. (SC)(27)
70. (SC)(6)
71. (SC)(125)
72. (SC)(8)
73. (SC)(73)
74. (3)
75. (SC)(14)
76. (SC)(3)
77. (SC)(1)
78. (9)
79. (SC)(35)
80. (SC)(22)
81. (SC)(9)
82. (SC)(36)
83. (SC)(9)
84. (SC)(11)
85. (SC)(8)
86. (SC)(1)
87. (SC)(20)
89. (2)
91. (1)

Posted at 12:04am Apr 20, 2010 EDT


The Power Seat for today is


Random numbers generated Apr 19 2010 at 23:53:38 by

Posted at 12:04am Apr 20, 2010 EDT

Hi Everyone!!!

Posted at 12:04am Apr 20, 2010 EDT

No frenzy on Tuesday

Posted at 12:04am Apr 20, 2010 EDT


Posted at 12:04am Apr 20, 2010 EDT


Posted at 12:04am Apr 20, 2010 EDT

teaman says

Hello folks, I am always SC...get extra days and buy from me!

Below are my newest hand blended tea samplers, which include all of my latest blends!
Super Sampler with 36 blends, 180 teabags total!
Regular sampler 15 blends, 75 teabags total!
Herbal and Decaf Sampler 14 blends, 70 teabags total!
Fresh N Fruity sampler 19 blends, 95 teabags total!
Black tea lovers sampler 15 blends, 75 teabags total!
Green tea and White tea sampler 12 blends, 60 teabags

Most blends are equally delicious iced!

Check out my April Special:

Purchase $5.00 or more from my shop before shipping and receive a 25 pack of teabags of my cherry, orange and almond tea.....FREE!

For lesser purchases you will receive 10 teabags.

Posted at 12:05am Apr 20, 2010 EDT

♥♥♥♥Etsy-versary Sale♥♥♥♥
BOGO 50% off! (everything!!!)
Refund will be send via paypal on lesser item. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Posted at 12:05am Apr 20, 2010 EDT

Hi Gloria

Posted at 12:05am Apr 20, 2010 EDT

Hi everyone,

***SC SHOP***

Gonga deal just for Second Chance BNS - Day 540

$3.00 ceramic refrigerator magnet sale! Please take a look and choose me to add a couple days! Feathers, coyotes, and teepee. Thanks, Trace

Also Check out this RED HOT CHILI with Pueblo, It’s one of my favs:

Posted at 12:05am Apr 20, 2010 EDT