BNR!! EARTH DAY BNR!!!!!!!!! :)

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Original Post

heathrock says


Please read EVERYTHING below before you post! Thanks!!

Happy Earth Day! My shop is participating in *EtsyVeg 's Earth Day ExtraVEGanza, 4/22- 4/24, in which participating EtsyVeg shops will donate 15% of all sales to . Do your part to help the environment and the planet- shop for unique handmade and vintage creations while supporting an amazing organization! Visit our blog for more details at

OK, so I am "hosting" a BNR to support Earth Day- The Shops which I chose first are the ones donating 15% of all sales to EarthSave so please help us support them!!!

The RULES are simple: Buy something from one of the shops below $4+ (before tax) and I will replace their shop with your shop...Just post the transaction number after you buy and then post a comment below :) This BNR will end Saturday 4/24 @11:59 PM... :)

"Honor Earth Day by shopping handmade for EarthSave and for the planet! :D Head to these crafty, earth-loving shops starting tomorrow!" etsyveg team

The Shops:

1. Jen O'Connell:
(Paintings and Original Artwork)

2. 3 Am Art Productions:
(art prints & polymer clay statues)

3. Vegan Gurl:
(Vegan knits and dog treat receipes)

4. heathrock designs:
(original artwork, paper goods, prints & upcycled goods)

5. silent lotus:
(cruelty free jewelry & original brush paintings)

6. Balm Envy:
(Fine Gourmet Flavor Lip Products)

7. whisker works:
(fun & unique whiskers on a stick!)

8. The Blue Windmill:
(hand made greeting cards & prints)

9. starfirewire:

10. Silver Blueberry:

11. Lean Dog Pottery & Jewelry:
(pottery & jewelry)

12. Lunique Jewellry:

13. Magglepie:
(knits & things)

ENJOY & HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! let's show mother nature we really care!!!!!!!!! If you have any other questions regarding this BNR, please email me- THANKS!!!!!

Posted at 11:42pm Apr 21, 2010 EDT


heathrock says

earth day's important- don't let this thread lurk in the shadows!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted at 11:48pm Apr 21, 2010 EDT

aktie9 says

Very nice idea! Happy Earth day!! Love this!!

Posted at 11:51pm Apr 21, 2010 EDT

heathrock says

thanks! :)

Posted at 12:09am Apr 22, 2010 EDT

heathrock says

night all- see you manana!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted at 12:18am Apr 22, 2010 EDT

Awesome! Good luck to everyone to raise plenty of money for EarthSave. :)

I just created a treasury featuring items from the participants. Used up all the best pictures for this one! :)

Posted at 12:21am Apr 22, 2010 EDT

heathrock says

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Posted at 12:27am Apr 22, 2010 EDT

heathrock says


Posted at 9:06am Apr 22, 2010 EDT

heathrock says

anyone wanna help with this bnr for a cause?

Posted at 11:52am Apr 22, 2010 EDT