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Original Post

krtwood says

I've been working on this the past couple days and I think it's ready for the light of day. It's not quite the batch price editing feature many people would like, but it's better than nothing.

This script adds a Quick Price entry box and Quick Set links to items on the Your Etsy Currently for Sale page, allowing prices to be set with one click per item.

Enter price as either a fixed price or a percentage of the current price. Press the Set button to store the value. Click the Quick Set link on any item you want to apply.

-Enter "50" or "50.00" to set to $50.00
-Enter "80%" to set to 80% of original price
-Enter "80%0" to set to 80% of original price rounded to nearest whole dollar
-Enter "80%1" to set to 80% of original price rounded to nearest 10 cents


Once you click on the Quick Set link you will see the edit pages load, the script enters the value and clicks the right buttons for you. You should end up back in Your Etsy, on the page you started at, with the new price set.

Install the script from here:

Brave guinea pigs, report any problems :)

Posted at 5:21pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT


This sounds great! I'm at work, so I can't use it right now.

Posted at 5:25pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT

StudioElan says

marking this one for sure!!

Posted at 5:27pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT

krtwood says

Well I have to get to work, I'll check back in later.

Posted at 6:01pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT

photoamato says

I downloaded it but now what do I do?

<-----computer challenged

Posted at 6:02pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT

dandyapple says

Marking for later.
Thanks for your efforts krtwood!

Posted at 6:03pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT

bomobob says

Oh, that is SO COOL!


Posted at 6:05pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT

You might like to add a table so that when the sale is finished and people want to take the price back up they know what percentage to do it. ie if I reduce by 25% it's not add 25% to get back to my original price.!! (and I'm totally rubbish at stuff like that so I want one!!)
Good luck!
Sounds great.

Posted at 6:09pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT

krtwood says

photoamato said:

I downloaded it but now what do I do?

<-----computer challenged

Like the other hacks you need to be using Firefox and first install Greasemonkey, I'll defer to Ian's instructions here:

Posted at 6:23pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT

sweetirie says

marking and THANK YOU!!!!!

Posted at 6:23pm Apr 22, 2010 EDT