Kill this thread and I'll send you your favourite from my shop

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Original Post

Glasmagie says

Just copy and past what you like best in my shop.

If you are the last one to post for 48 hours, I'll send you that glassart for free!

Posted at 6:36am Apr 27, 2010 EDT


glori305 says

OOoooooo choosing just one from your shop is the really though part.....this little guy I guess But darn there is alot in your shop that has the "if I had the money"

Posted at 7:57am Apr 27, 2010 EDT

Glasmagie says

Hi glori305,

I know exactly what you mean. Browsing trough etsy can get a real torture ;-)
Maybe we should all going back to exchange things. The Euro isn´t making anything better either.

Posted at 8:25am Apr 27, 2010 EDT

I really like a lot of the pieces in your shop - you do great work. This is one of my favorites

Posted at 9:03am Apr 27, 2010 EDT

Hello Again,
The first time I saw your shop it was being on promoted on the Native American thread started by Jone Stinson

Your beautiful Little Horse pendant was being promoted

I just went through your entire shop hoping to find a frog- I was hoping to invite you to participate in the Spring Frog Dance Challenge that ends April 30. Some of the entries can be seen on this treasury

I don't know how long it takes you to finish a piece - or if you would even like to create a frog - but if your interested go to the thread - post a photo of your frog - & say this is your entry to the challenge.

Posted at 9:19am Apr 27, 2010 EDT

OOps - I meant the thread was started by Jonie Stinson

Must Learn to Proof Read
Must Learn to Proof Read
Must Learn to Proof Read

Posted at 9:22am Apr 27, 2010 EDT

Glasmagie says

Thank you Promisespromises,

I have some older photos of frog jewelry. I will look through them and post them, if they are not to small.


Posted at 9:25am Apr 27, 2010 EDT