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For those that are interested...we got a really sweet write up from TheBeadingGem recently that tells a bit about Andrew and I and the forum. www.beadinggem.com/2010/04/handmade-artists-forum-and-shop.html
It's good, but it only scratches the surface of the wonderfulness that is HAF. ;)

Posted at 5:04 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

I am a member of the team! it does not cost anything to join the team. Unless you want to open up shop there then it is only $5.00 a month. I just recently opened up shop there and even though i have not made a sale yet. I did get over 1000 views in 3 days without promoting and with few items.
The team is great everyone is so nice and there is alot of great stuff that you can do to help promote each other and yourself! I love being a member and I wont be going no where else! give it a try I am sure that you will like it :)

Posted at 5:04 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

I joined the Handmade Artists Forum awhile ago and am also on the HAFteam. While I have a hard time keeping up with the forum sometimes, I am figuring it out. I just signed up for a HAF shop too.

Posted at 5:05 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

rlmstudios says

im new to it but think its Great!

Posted at 5:06 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

I am a member of the team and love it. i do not participate as much as I should but still glad to be a part of the team.

Posted at 5:07 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

I'm still new to the hafteam as well but everyone is friendly, understanding, willing to help in a heartbeat. The forums and posts can be a little much at times but that's only due to so many who are willing to help so eagerly with anything one may need :)

Posted at 5:09 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

I'm a member and find HAFteam to be very friendly. Lots of promotion by team members in treasuries. I'm very happy with it.

Posted at 5:13 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

Handmade artists forum is a free forum for discussion and promotion of artists. It is made up of different Handmade Artisans that sell on Etsy, Artfire, their own website or if they choose they can sell through their own Handmade Artists Shop within the site.

It is a marvelous place to meet other Handmade lovers and artisans for discussion and promotion and is a wonderful opportunity for great friendships with like minded Handmade artisans. You would be hard pressed to find a better bunch of people that really enjoy helping each other.

Posted at 5:16 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

hjmart says

I am a member and totally LOVE IT! A lot of support and help from members! Just like Rabbithollowprims, I do not participate as much as I would love to (due to luck of time)..... and i really love to participate more!

Also, HUGE THANK YOU to admins of the team and shop! Their hard work and dedication is very much appreciated by all members of the team!

I highly recommend to join! Helen

Posted at 5:17 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

MBOI says

Funny to see some of our "lurking" members here!

Posted at 5:19 pm Apr 28, 2010 EDT

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