Do you make sales on Zibbet?

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Original Post

InMy2Hands says

I have been on Zibbet for about 2 months now and not making sales

What do you do to get people to your shop ?

How long have you been there and are you happy with it?

I only opened a shop there because the item I have in that shop I am getting a patent on it .And so I didn't want anything else in the shop with it at this time

I didn't want to have another email ect to have a 3rd shop here on Etsy

I am thinking about closing my Zibbet shop and moving it here to Etsy because of low views and sales..uugghh

Do you advertise with Zibbet or go to the forums to get sales?

Posted at 5:56 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT


cappysue says

marking to find out how folks do I have been thinking of opening there as well never hurts to spread the love.

Posted at 5:58 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

I just joined a couple of days ago. Not sure how to market within. I didn't sign up for a premier account. But, it is free and thought it might be good advertising. I'll see how it goes and then make a judgment call to either go further with it or not.

Posted at 6:01 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

InMy2Hands says

I have to go feed my animals..I will be back in about 20 minutes

Anything is appreciated..I just don't want to give up so easy since I know Etsy is having their owm issues but I really like some of the things Zibbet offer

listing/copy thingy is awesome

BUT I also don't want to keep my items there if it's not going to get seen when I know I get lots more views here and I do at least get some


Posted at 6:01 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

hmmills says

I opened in December, had a lot of views, but no sales. Right now I still have a "free" account.

Posted at 6:01 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

InMy2Hands says

oops owm = own !!

Posted at 6:02 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

InMy2Hands says

I did the premium account so I could get the features but not sure if it is worth it right now..awww poop!!!

Ok..really gotta go feed the creature :)

Posted at 6:03 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

I opened a zibbet store in Dec. Only have sold one item but I have not been promoting it either. Am going to list more items and promote the store more.

Posted at 6:04 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

fineheart says

Yeah, gotta feed the dog too but marking for later. I have one item posted there so not expecting anything yet.

Posted at 6:05 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

not a sale........ you can see my sales here yet at zibbet nothing. i need to list more I guess. Views are actually really poor. There is a figure that shows how many people look at the page with the thumbnails but opening images does not seem to happen much. Maybe it is just me but none of it makes sense.

Posted at 6:06 pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

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