Does Etsy have a list of most popular search words?

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Original Post

Just wondering, does Etsy post somewhere what the most popular searches are for a given week or month or whatever, You know, like maybe the word purple or Christmas or aceo or something like that. I have looked all oaver and can't seem to find anything like that. Thanks!!

Posted at 8:50am Apr 30, 2010 EDT


I would like to know, as well

Posted at 8:51am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

hmmmm...I want to know to! Anyone?

Posted at 8:55am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

Wow! That would be great to know now ....wouldn't it. Maybe someone out there has an answer. :)

Posted at 8:56am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

lovems1 says

hmm, marking for later to check back

Posted at 8:57am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

jellybeans says

I don't think there is. And as great as it sounds, I'm not sure if it would be a good idea: It may start major mistagging, just to show up in those more popular searches. Admin puts out once a month in their blog the trends that are coming up to help everyone tag accordingly if it applies to their item.

I just fear that knowing major words will lead to incredible mistagging :(

Posted at 8:57am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

gnormyle says

I have often wondered the very same thing. Wouldn't that be great if there is such a thing or perhaps it could be implemented.

Posted at 8:58am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

BLSoaps says

As far as I know, they don't. And it's something I hope they never disclose. Can you imagine the results? Everyone would find some way to start tagging with those words, regardless of whether or not it actually fit their item, JUST so they could use the word in hopes to be found.

Your best bet it is to do reverse word searches with Google. There are tons out there, here's one of them.

Put in a word you think people would use to search for your products. It will tell you how many searched for that word or phrase in the last month. And it will give you suggestions on other key word phrases based on popularity. Use tools like this to help you come up with new phrases to optimize your SEO. Words that actually FIT your product, not what's currently popular with Etsy.

Not only will this help you within Etsy search, it will help you with off Etsy searches as well.

Posted at 9:01am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

There probably is not as jellybean says..there have been problems with tagging any way!

Posted at 9:02am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

Whatever the words are, I'm sure it deals with supplies. Every list I've seen with the top sellers sold some type of supplies.

Posted at 9:13am Apr 30, 2010 EDT

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