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Original Post

I don't know if any of you have seen it but when I clicked on the community tab there was an article saying today was the last day to get 50 free moo cards. I've just ordered mine, if you haven't seen it go and have a look, I wouldn't want anyone to miss out :)

Posted at 2:28pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT


I already received mine and they are great! So worth it :)

Posted at 2:28pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

I've never had proper cards before I've always printed some out at home so I'm a bit excited lol How sad am I??

Posted at 2:30pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

pixiebell says

There are currently 2 free promos for business card size MOOs and just pay shipping. I have participated in both, which is a great deal, normally you can't get a second freebie with MOO.

Posted at 2:30pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

bythebead says

I ordered too. It is a great offer!

Posted at 2:31pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

takofibers says

I LOVE moo cards! I especially love that I can have a different image on each card. And the printing is really great. Yay freebies!

Posted at 2:33pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

just took advantage of it too...only 5.50 shipping for 50 cards....don't really care if they have the ads on the bottom.

I chose one of the ready made packs as their system would not take my photos saying they were too small and when I tried to add my banner to the ready made it said it was a small pic and may come out blurry when printed yet it didn't fit in the safe area....looked too big to me not too I just did text on one side without the logo/banner.

Posted at 2:33pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

pixiebell, i think one is for Europe and the other for the USA. Still I'm happy with 50, the way my sales are they'll last for years lol

Posted at 2:33pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

cazhoffy says

I ordered some aswell, but I decided to pay the extra to have it without the promo bit at the bottom!! Im excited to get them!

Posted at 2:34pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

I just chose stripes in a purple shade and the 'nice' script option. On the back I've added my gmail,etsy,zibbet & facebook fan page URL's lol I think I've covered all bases!

Posted at 2:35pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT