Nominate and Create a List for Etsy's Home Page, May Edition!

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Original Post

marymary says

Hi there,

We'd like to start representing a larger variety of items handpicked by the community on Etsy's Home Page, and we'd like your help. We'll be using this forum thread as a source for curating *some* of the homepages in the coming weeks along with other new ideas to keep things fresh, new, and diverse.

Please nominate your list by placing a link to the list in this forum thread. We hear the requests for greater diversity and representation on Etsy's homepage and we'd very much like to make that happen, starting with each of you.

Create your list or series of lists using this link:

Follow these guidelines for creating a list for Etsy's Home Page:

* Fill all 16 spaces with active items that are for sale and use a different shop for each space.
* Select items with clear, crisp and visually stunning product photography.
* Choose items from a variety of different categories and price points.
* Shy away from using items from your own shop or shops, as the home page Treasury isn't intended for personal promotion.
* Items representing the diverse offerings and shops on the site.
* lists fitting one of the current themes in May's merchandising post:

Thanks in advance for your participation. We'll be closing this thread nearing the end of May and if all goes well, opening a new one in time for June. Feel free to let us know your feedback as we go along and any additional ideas you have for community participation in the curated areas of the site.


Posted at 5:40pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT


LeahSawyer says

Hi Mary,
My new list (freshly baked today),

My archive (or diary of a treasury addict),

Cheers, Leah.

Posted at 5:46pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

marymary says

Great lists LeahSawyer,

One more note,

With your list nomination, please tell us which theme from the May article you selected your collection's theme on!

Posted at 5:54pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

ArtofAmy says

How about...

Summer travel and outdoor adventure:

Mothers day:

Artisanal Food:

Hopefully i have the right idea here!
Thanks :)

Posted at 6:00pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

ArtofAmy says

Opps... wrong idea... hehe SORRY!

Posted at 6:00pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

LeahSawyer says

Sorry Mary!!! I should have read your entire post. Oops!!!
French Inspired:

Cheers, Leah

Posted at 6:06pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

Hi Mary,

I would like to nominate this for Mothers Day...

Rachel - Flower Cabochon and Swarovski pearls Necklace


Posted at 7:23pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

This is for French Inspired:-
Romance in Paris - Antique Brass Paris Eiffel Tower charm, Antique Brass Heart charm and Flower Cabochon Long Necklace


Posted at 7:28pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

For the home


Many thanks for the opportunity... I've never made a treasury before. This is my first one! Wasn't to bad... I thought it was going to be difficult.

Posted at 8:42pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT