7 x 7x 6 Small Flat Rate Box

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Original Post

I have always used this free USPS box as a small flat rate box. Recently, a customer convo'd me that the post office required her to come in and pick up her box b/c it required additional postage! She was required to pay for a medium flat rate to collect her package. Needless to say I ma refundign her but did they change the classification for this box? I checked their site and cannot find info. Their customer service is closed now and this is not the first time the postal employees did not recognize their own Small Flat Rate Box with me. Am I wrong?

Posted at 7:21pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT


I think that is just a regular Priority Box ... the only small flat rate box is a really tiny book-size things ... should be easy to find dimensions on the USPS site, but I have never known the 7x7x6 to be a "flat rate", but I also haven't been shipping that long ♥

Posted at 7:28pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

Anyone else have experience using this box?

Posted at 7:31pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

vickiorion says

The 7x7x6 box is not a flat rate box -- it's just a regular priority box.

The small flat rate box is about 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.75 and says "Small Flat Rate Box" on it.

Posted at 7:32pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

It is not a flat rate box. It needs to be weighed and postage paid according to weight. I use this box regularly

Posted at 7:33pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

You have to purchase the "flat rate postage" did you do it online? Even if you put the correct amount on the label, it needs to be flat rate postage.

Posted at 7:33pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

bedbuggs says

You know I've been hesitant to use flat rate because I've heard about stuff like this.
Sorry about that.

Posted at 7:36pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

The flat rate boxes have flat rate box printed on them.
there are 2 small flat rate boxes.... one is an envelope
the other is paper back book size.

Posted at 7:38pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

that box is not a flat rate box--it is just a free priority box--you have to pay by weight on this box.

Posted at 7:39pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

flat rate works fine...but the box that the OP indicated is NOT a flat rate box. not is it even close to the same size as a flat rate..

Posted at 7:41pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT