Unsure about local people buying my stuff and NOT paying shipping...

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Original Post

I'm trying to point people to my etsy site as much as possible and it would be GREAT if they could pay that way, too. However, my local customers don't need to pay shipping and it seems that if they order from my site they have to pay the shipping, too. Is there a way for them to have the option to NOT pay the shipping?

Posted at 9:26pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT


Tissage says

You can refund the shipping via Paypal. But if they are buying from you in person I'd save the fees and not have sale go through Etsy (unless they found you on Etsy in the first place).

Posted at 9:28pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

You could create a special listing with no postage, but not sure why you would encourage your local buyers to buy here on Etsy.

Posted at 9:28pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

Epheriell says

Ditto to above :)

Posted at 9:28pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

If you know ahead of time that they are going to buy you can change the listing to be reserved for them with shipping changed to zero.

To complete the transaction to show on this site you will have to have them sign up and all.

Posted at 9:29pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

You can put something in your announcement about local buyers not being charged shipping if they pick up.

There isn't a local buyer zero shipping option.

Posted at 9:29pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

sandrandan says

I have friends who buy from my shop occasionally. They just pay me in cash when I deliver the jewelry and I don't have them pay the shipping fee. easy peasy

Posted at 9:32pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

Wow, you guys are fast! I don't really know why I would want my local customers to purchase through Etsy now that I think about it...

Now that I'm thinking about it, some of my labels and stuff I use on my boxes only has my etsy site info on it. No other information and I want people to be able to order without having to pay shipping if there is no other way to get in touch with me.

So...I guess I can refund the shipping if they do end up ordering through etsy and I probably need to put my e-mail/phone number on my labels.

Can I put that I will refund shipping cost for local customers on the information part of each item?

Sorry, it I am confusing anyone...I'm thinking and writing at the same time (and that is not always good)! :)

Posted at 9:34pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

It would be good to put your email address on the labels...but I'd leave your phone number off!!!!

Posted at 9:39pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT

you could offer a revised listing. other than that, I have no clue how to do it through etsy. if it's a matter of being able to accept payment at your house er um shop then a computer that you could allow them to use they can log in to paypal, if they have it, and send you money that way. I think paypal also allows u to request money... not sure if the request can be paid by credit after u send it... but if so... all they have to have is email!

Posted at 9:40pm Apr 30, 2010 EDT