AMSTERDAM visit ETSY - Sunday Market - Dutch team (and other participants)

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Original Post

martice says

This convo was send around to inform you about the upcoming visit of ETSY on the Sunday Market on 6 June.


Dear fellow Etsian,

I'm sending you this e-mail to inform you that Etsy's Matt and Benedikta are coming to Amsterdam on the Sunday Market ( on 6 June. You might be interested to come as well? Some of us will be renting a booth and will sell our stuff, others will just come by and visit the fair. The fair will begin at 12.00h and will end at 18.00h. Etsy will probably host a get together in the evening of that Sunday.

During the fair we will try to let the public know that Etsy exists. We will do that by organizing workshops, selling our items and offering timeslots for sellers to present their work.

More information will be published soon on our blog ( ). Keep a close eye on that blog!

We hope to see you on the fair as a seller or visitor. If you're going to rent a booth, please let us know ( ), so we can organize to put all the etsy booths together, to make a good presentation :)

Please send this message to other Etsians that might be interested :) when you send this message to someone else, add your name to the list below so that people know you have already received the message and can send to someone else who's not the list yet.

The Dutch Team


We would like to use this blogthread to inform you (besides the above mentioned blog). We're using both channels to make it easier for you to find each other as well. If you want to share a booth for example. You can also read what others say and get information about the fair.

So if you want to share a booth, just mention how much m you would need (a normal booth is 4m for 70 euro) and somebody else can get in touch with you and you can arrange things together and contact the organization of (please always mention that you want to be put next to the other etsy-people).

We hope lots of you will join!

Posted at 3:42am May 6, 2010 EDT


I'm afraid I can't join, but I'm doing my best to visit!
Thanks for setting this up!

Posted at 3:46am May 6, 2010 EDT

swiedebie says

gonna be fun with the team meet up! :D look forward to seeing all particpants and buyers there!

Posted at 3:47am May 6, 2010 EDT

martice says

Yes Simone you should visit at least! :) I will send you a little boxy today so will have to return it on that Sunday ;)

Posted at 3:50am May 6, 2010 EDT

Would love to come and meet other fellow etsians, but I have a fair myself that day in Eindhoven....

Posted at 3:52am May 6, 2010 EDT

martice says

You should skip it as Mitsy did ;)

Posted at 3:57am May 6, 2010 EDT

ok here I am, about the fair, not annoying other EST members !

Posted at 4:07am May 6, 2010 EDT

I'm sharing a booth with Babongo and Viltalakim! :)

Posted at 4:09am May 6, 2010 EDT

martice says

I got some general questions:

Parking: you can park your car in the neighborhood after you left your stuff at the fair, it's sunday, so parking is free in the neighborhood.

Costs: as I said 70 euro's for 4m (50 if you are a student)

Booth: table is included


Posted at 4:18am May 6, 2010 EDT

NancyvdBoom says:
If I can go there too, I would love to have your advice on paintings to take with me....
some Tiny Trees perhaps?
Posted at 4:06 am, May 6 2010 EST

I think you should bring a variation of what you do, some big paintings and some small ones.
I always love it if painters have postcards/notecards of there work. (because I don't have the money to buy a larger one)

Yesterday I've read a blogpost from Artmind which was very helpful for me

First time I'm going to join a fair. I'm so exited!

Posted at 4:24am May 6, 2010 EDT