Wire Frame for Basket Weaving?

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Original Post

I don't know much about basket weaving, so forgive my ignorance. :)

In various places I've seen baskets that consist of a sturdy wire frame with something woven through it, like banana leaves or wicker or raffia. Here's an example (pardon the horrendously long link)


I'd like to find a source for those wire frames. I mean, not that shape necessarily, but some sort of large wire basket-shaped frame that I could weave through. Any ideas?

I googled "wire frame for basket weaving" and various other search terms, but couldn't find anything. Maybe I'm just using the wrong search terms?

Posted at 11:14 am May 6, 2010 EDT


Buy one, burn off the fiber, and study what's left.

Bet it wouldn't be that hard to make one. You'll need baling wire or something flexible enough to make the bends at the top and bottom of the cube.

You could also create a wire and dowel frame, a sort of see-through crate, and then weave your plant and fabric fibers through it.

You'd save a bloody fortune making your own, and I think as an artist, you'd be more proud to explain the whole process is yours.

And making the frames yourself means you won't have to only limit yourself to the sizes proffered.

Another thought is to get the wire cooling racks from the dollar store and just connect them at the edges on five sides and make your cubes that way. I use wire racks in some of my wall sculptures. Sometimes I can get them for 50 cents or a dollar at garage sales.

Posted at 11:19 am May 6, 2010 EDT

Well, the frames I've looked at were welded together. I'd prefer a really heavy-duty frame for a really sturdy basket, and I doubt I could make anything strong enough out of something like baling wire.

Learning how to weld or solder or whatever would be a big investment of time and money (for tools, etc) and I don't want to go that far until I've tried using the materials I want to weave with, to see if they would even work. :)

It would be nice to be able to say "I did it myself" and it would be especially nice to be able to do it out of recycled materials, like old wire hangers or something. But I'd rather start with a pre-made frame for at least my first couple of attempts.

Posted at 11:30 am May 6, 2010 EDT

Wow, I google "basket weaving supplies, frame" and this thread, which I posted 25 minutes ago, shows up as the second result. :O

Posted at 11:49 am May 6, 2010 EDT

the baking cooling racks are welded at each intersection, you could put them together at the edges with pull ties, there are heavy duty pull ties that will NEVER come apart, rated for indoor-outdoor use.

And after you start weaving that will support the corners too.

lemme go look. BRB.

Posted at 12:01 pm May 6, 2010 EDT

Wow, thanks for the links! That "peddlar's basket" is awesome, but wow, expensive. The wire shelving units might work. Or maybe I can get brave and figure out something with the wire hangers, though my experience with re-shaping wire hangers has been rather frustrating. :)

Posted at 12:25 pm May 6, 2010 EDT

I didn't even think to check out container supply houses. Then you might get several sizes, and wholesale too.


that one is a basic grocery hand-basket. I think the shape you posted is more like a mini hamper or trash basket shape. Keep looking, you'll find it!

Posted at 6:13 pm May 6, 2010 EDT

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