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Original Post

metsyblog says

We're a smart ass blog that showcases items and sellers specifically for a male audience. If you check us out, you'd notice we also give sellers tips about what is and isn't manly.

Sometimes stuff is bad. It just is.
Sometimes you might think you've just made the greatest item for a guy and it'll sit idly in your shop for weeks.

We'll give you an honest opinion as to if what your selling would be something a man would want.

Caution: We don't mean to be mean, but we do mean to be honest. This is not false hope or ass kissing. Sorry.

And, if we really like you, we may even feature you on our blog...

Posted at 2:51am May 7, 2010 EDT


lol I dont have anything for a man but rather the mans child?

Posted at 2:53am May 7, 2010 EDT

metsyblog says

Your shop is bright. Bright and colorful. One thing I noticed was each item has three pictures, but only one of the item! The other two are similar items. I understand the hook picture for the ribbon boards, but the other ones (like the felt clips) shouldn't have other pictures. It's very confusing. It was throwing me off and I wasn't sure what item I was looking at sometimes because of it. Another thing I noticed was that your pictures that you've put borders on are inconsistent. Some have websites, some have polka dots, some are solid colors,.. be consistent. The polka dots are the better choice.

This seems like a great shop. If it was in the mall, I'd probably steer clear from it because of babies+pinks+ribbons, but definitely a good Mom store.

Posted at 3:04am May 7, 2010 EDT

crochetgal says

I love your blog!

But, there are actually plenty of things on Etsy suitable for a man.

My partner has spent quite a bit of money having belts made, cards crafted, totes sewn, custom lotions and balms, some absolutely gorgeous art work.

He's also found some amazing t-shirts for both himself and some other members of his family.

One thing that I sell that's geared to the guys are my awesome sweaters.

Posted at 3:06am May 7, 2010 EDT

kirstenann says

Hahaha ok you can look through my shop you may find all girly items or something for that girly man in your life!!

Posted at 3:09am May 7, 2010 EDT

I'd be interested to know if there is anything in my shop for a man. I think some of the blocks would like just fine on male co-workers desks. Especially the more fidgetty ones that need something to play with.

Posted at 3:23am May 7, 2010 EDT

Oh Have a look at my shop! I have just a few sales, but the last one was from a guy, who purchased a gift for his wife.. So cute :)

Posted at 3:25am May 7, 2010 EDT

jenmaestre says

If the guy is an artist he might like something in my shop.

Maybe not.

I haven't listed anything new in ages.

I had cufflinks, twice.

Posted at 3:29am May 7, 2010 EDT

kirstenann says

I highly recomend my lacy necklaces for the guys I am sure they will be a hit with the ladies on your next night out hahahaha....

Posted at 3:32am May 7, 2010 EDT

lol kirstenann!!! Just imagine

Posted at 3:33am May 7, 2010 EDT