Lets start planning the 3rd Annual "Christmas in July" sale.

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Original Post

July is a notoriously sleepy month for retail and E-tail, so many places plan a "Christmas in July" sale to entice buyers to either A) buy Holiday items at a discount way early or B) buy older merchandise the sellers want to move so it feels like the Holidays for the sellers since some cash is flowing in (and the buyers get deals). Sales on Etsy for the first two events have been great for some but sluggish for others - - like all things Etsy, what works for one shop might bomb for another so know that going in :)

How to participate: When it gets closer to the time, change your tags so one reads either Christmasinjuly (one word) or CIJ. This takes time so you'll want to NOT do it the night before it begins :)

What to offer as a sale: Whatever you want - - free shipping, a % off, BOGO, whatever you think you want to offer - - it is up to YOU. Anything goes :)

What items to offer? Just Christmas stuff?: No, it is NOT just Christmas or Holiday items that can be offered - - this is a time to offer even your older pieces you want GONE because so long as it feels like Christmas/Holidays to *someone* (buyer or seller) it qualifies - - so every and anything can get put up for sale. It is just a catchy retail phrase meaning SUMMER SALE so don't get hung up on the word "Christmas" :)

When will it be? I need discussion here - - typically, we have done it AFTER the 4th of July and before the end of the month. I need to contact the Aussie team as they usually run a CIJ sale, too, so we try to dovetail for promotional efforts.

What are the promotional efforts? Just before the event starts, we all need to blog and tweet about it - - but really, "just" before because if we say we are having a biggie sale in July no one will buy from us in June so shhhhhhh on promoting it until after the 4th or 10th of July. I will also see if I can beg up a Storque article again, maybe get an Etsy Finds mention and hope we can get Anda to tweet it :) But the main promo efforts will be US, the ones taking part.

How do I join? Just post here. It will keep you *in the loop* and let you have input on what dates we ultimately decide for the official CIJ dates (and, if you want to do a CIJ sale for *all* of July, go for it - - the "official dates" are only the ones I am willing to bust my tail for but you can bust your tail for additional days if you want :) ) When we start the sale, I'll post a thread in promos for us to list our CIJ sale and keep it bumped :)

PROPOSED DATES: Thursday July 15th through Sunday July 25th (give input please, I like two weekends and a week so we cover paycheck times)

Who is IN? Thoughts on dates?

Posted at 11:05pm May 9, 2010 EDT


Sounds interesting, I will think about it.... The Black friday sale was a huge bust for me.

Posted at 11:07pm May 9, 2010 EDT

I have never done this but am trying to be involved in more of these sales so count me in. I also like the dates you suggested.

Posted at 11:08pm May 9, 2010 EDT

I'm all in for my 3 shops, nothing like a little sidewalk sale to move out the not so new and show what is hot for the holidays

Posted at 11:10pm May 9, 2010 EDT

I look forward to being a part!

Posted at 11:11pm May 9, 2010 EDT

Janabolic says


Posted at 11:11pm May 9, 2010 EDT

Veronica, black friday was a bust for me, too (as is CIJ, but I like organizing it because for some, it really rocks).

(If you do it, Veronica, just change a handful of listings not all - - that way you *sorta* participate without going ALL OUT and if you get a sale, it is gravy)

Posted at 11:13pm May 9, 2010 EDT

I am interested. :-)

Posted at 11:14pm May 9, 2010 EDT

I'd love to participate.

Posted at 11:16pm May 9, 2010 EDT