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Original Post

I've been tracking my site visits through Google Analytics, and I've found that my shop is a lot busier in the middle of the week than on the weekends. I'd heard that Saturday was the busiest day on Etsy...?

For those of you that track, what are your busiest days? Does it vary, or is it consistent from week to week?

Posted at 1:33am May 14, 2010 EDT


bddesigns says

Varies from week to week. Some weeks Mondays are just SLAMMIN'...other times it's more Wed/Thurs and sometimes I can't catch my breath over the weekends! Depends!!!

Posted at 1:34am May 14, 2010 EDT

ElArt says

Site visits do vary week to week, but in general Tuesday through Thursday and sometimes Friday. Not usually on the weekends (really variable!).

GA is such a great tool!

Posted at 1:40am May 14, 2010 EDT

Monday-Wednesday fairly consistent. Sat and Sun are my slowest days.

Posted at 1:47am May 14, 2010 EDT

kissvamps says

My busiest days coincide with the days I spend more time on Etsy promoting my shop. Other than that, it's sporadic.

Posted at 1:47am May 14, 2010 EDT

I am fairly new but have found my most busiest days have to be Monday and Thursday. I do a lot of promoting late night though.

Posted at 1:52am May 14, 2010 EDT

I wish I had busy days! LOL

Posted at 2:14am May 14, 2010 EDT

papergirlstudios says:
I wish I had busy days! LOL
lol! I'm with you though :(

with my very low views, I can say the weekend is even worst...
Haven't quite noticed which days are busiest during the weekdays.

Posted at 2:23am May 14, 2010 EDT

craftedbymei, like your flower power necklace!

Posted at 2:28am May 14, 2010 EDT

I've been consistantly busy on Mondays and Thursdays.I think it's hard to grab customers on the weekends because of so many people renewing and listing on the weekends.(not to speak of the resellers that appear every weekend)

Posted at 2:32am May 14, 2010 EDT