It's not a job interview. It's a first date.

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Original Post

Your shop announcement is the first thing I see. I don't want your resume, I want yout to seduce me!

Like a blind date, you only have a few minutes - seconds really - to make a good first impression. And that goes beyond just the pictures of your items. With a date, even if the guy is really good looking, if he's boring that's the end of it. And even if your stuff is really great, if I have to weed through 4 or 5 paragraphs of stuff to even see it, I may just click somewhere else.

Say you sell really cool bags. Well, I have a bag already. Several in fact. Why would I need another one? Do you offer the perfect little evening bag, or messenger bag? Can you appeal to those moms who have been carrying an ugly old diaper bags for the last three years by seducing them with a cute little diaper-free clutch? What about all those people looking for graduation gifts for their college-bound relatives? Can you lure them further into your shop with the perfect book bag that will be their favorite graduation gift ever? Is it the time of year when I should be swtiching from drab winter colors to funky summery fabrics? Or visa versa?

Please don't tell me that you make special, one of a kind items. Just about everybody here does. If you studied at the Super Neat School of Design in Paris, ok tell me that somewhere in your profile. But please don't make that a resume either.

Cut to the chase. Get some chemistry going. There are a lot of fish in this big Estian sea, and if you don't set the hook right away, I'm going after someone else's bait.

Posted at 1:37pm May 14, 2010 EDT


Tissage says

I often feel that first dates are like job interviews.

Posted at 1:39pm May 14, 2010 EDT

tansycreek says

Great advice..I'm going straight to my shop annoucement now to make some changes! ;) lol

Posted at 1:40pm May 14, 2010 EDT

Hmm... I'm going to give this some time and thought, I like it! Thanks!

Posted at 1:40pm May 14, 2010 EDT

agreed, Tissage!

Posted at 1:40pm May 14, 2010 EDT

Thank you SwanMountainSoap for the advice you gave me! I hope you're pleased with the changes.

BESTeam really is the BEST!

Posted at 1:40pm May 14, 2010 EDT

It's always so nice to have a typo in the first sentence of your post isn't it? Sort of like having broccli in your teeth, rofl.

Posted at 1:40pm May 14, 2010 EDT

Tissage says

I'm not trying to contradict the OP's advice. I've just been on a lot of first dates lately and their resemblance to job interviews is uncanny.

Posted at 1:41pm May 14, 2010 EDT

So true. I like to include in my shop announcement just a shor paragraph of what my shop is and any important information going on... But I have been guilty of making it longer lately. I'll see what I can trim.

Posted at 1:41pm May 14, 2010 EDT

oh Tissage, bummer! =[

Posted at 1:42pm May 14, 2010 EDT