i like the reseller people they dont charge too much im poor

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Original Post

8088Design says

i think resellers would be good for the etsy because people cahrge too much money on here i have to go to the warlmart and resleers sell stuff cheeap on here so i can afford and say hey i bought this on the etsy i am so cool and everyone wijl love me i cant spoent 500 bucks on a tv stand but i can spend 50 and if i said i got it off etsy people wont think im poor trailer trash also i hate those jerks in promotions i need money to pay my bills and no one looks at my writing post but someone says oh my daughter needs views and people respond that im so angry i need money hold on i gotta go make a drink im getting kinda set off

Posted at 7:02pm May 19, 2010 EDT


Oh wow. Now this is a definate train wreck waiting to happen.

Posted at 7:03pm May 19, 2010 EDT

Haha, isn't that what ebay is for?? :)

Posted at 7:06pm May 19, 2010 EDT

8088Design says

why is everyone going lol wahat does lol mean i dont get it are you making fun of me

Posted at 7:06pm May 19, 2010 EDT

chillien says

This is gonna get very interesting

Posted at 7:07pm May 19, 2010 EDT

unmasked says

Now I need a drink too.....

Posted at 7:07pm May 19, 2010 EDT

8088Design says

i dont like the ebay some jerk on there sold me a broken dremel ebahy is full of nothing but liars and theves if i new where that guy lived id trhow that dremel through his window with a brick

Posted at 7:07pm May 19, 2010 EDT


yikes, give this some thought and then you will know why this is going to be a big LOL

Posted at 7:08pm May 19, 2010 EDT