^^ Sneak Attack! Surprise Another Etsian Thursday May 20th 4pm EDT ^^

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Yeah cake is starting to sound really good...

Posted at 11:36am May 20, 2010 EDT

i love the picture of the snap dragons in my blog. they don't look that good anymore, though =(

Posted at 11:39am May 20, 2010 EDT

i really love this new order that i'm working on. and i really love that, at least for the time being, i can play on the computer while still working on it.

Posted at 11:43am May 20, 2010 EDT

Wait a minute.

There was a hint a while back, wasn't there? What was it? I need to tweet.

Posted at 11:45am May 20, 2010 EDT

javajesspublishing said:
I love cupcakes!!!

Actually that brings me to clue #2: Cake. :) Such a coinkydink!!

1) 3 Shops
2) Cake

Posted at 11:50am May 20, 2010 EDT

lol yeah there have been two clues:

1) 3 Shops
2) Cake

and just for good measure here's a new one:

3) Cats N Dogs

Posted at 11:51am May 20, 2010 EDT

fromMarz says

Hi everybody!

Posted at 11:55am May 20, 2010 EDT

Hi Marz! Very cute panda!!

Posted at 11:55am May 20, 2010 EDT

Hello Sneaky Peeps!

Posted at 12:02pm May 20, 2010 EDT

hi marz!

Posted at 12:02pm May 20, 2010 EDT