Is Etsy Your Hobby or Full Time Job?

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Original Post

noogal says

I would love to find out:

1. If Etsy is your Hobby or Full Time Job
2. How many sales you have on Etsy
3. How many times you list or re-list your items per week

Technically there should be a link between sales and the amount of time you can put into your Etsy page.

My Etsy is my hobby. I have 9 sales on Etsy. I list or re-list 3-5 times a week. I am hoping to increase this rate.

I would love to hear your experiences...

Posted at 7:06pm May 20, 2010 EDT


LovebyCC says

Hi there! :]

I have a full time job but Etsy is a full time job on top of that. I work on the weekends and also when I get off my day job until late at night. I have 150 sales and I started selling in February of this year :]

I don't have a schedule on renewing items. I renew once in a while but not too much. I do re-list items whenever they sell! I try to get them relisted as soon as possible so everyone has an opportunity to buy the item if they want! :]

Posted at 7:08pm May 20, 2010 EDT

Etsy is a hobby for me right now, but I would love for it to be more someday. Right now I am aiming to stop losing money on my craft (being addicted to buying more supplies doesn't help). I have 71 sales and have been open for a little over a year (although my shop was on vacation for 3 months). I try to list or renew something everday, but I don't always do so.

Posted at 7:08pm May 20, 2010 EDT

Etsy is my full-time job right now. I have just over 800 sales on Etsy and I try to list/re-list as often as I can whenever I have new items or make a sale in the shop.

Posted at 7:09pm May 20, 2010 EDT

Just a side-line; I sell more off-Etsy. I enjoy it here, but not too many sales...

Posted at 7:10pm May 20, 2010 EDT

OneFineDae says

I'm also new to etsy so i'm interested to hear what people have to say.

1. right now etsy is my hobby. i think i will always keep this a hobby because i'm the kind of person that will get bored and tired if my hobby turns into a job. plus, i'm more creative when i'm not forced to do it.

2. not many sales...but hopefully that will change. =)

3. i'm still in the process of adding items to my shop, so i've only listed once.

others..please do share. =)

Posted at 7:10pm May 20, 2010 EDT

I'm working towards making Etsy my full time job - it's what I want more than anything!!

I have 178 sales.

I list new items as often as possible, usually about 4 -5 times a week at the moment and I re-new on the days I don't have something new to list.

Posted at 7:10pm May 20, 2010 EDT

mayicarles says

I'm a full time artist and etsy is part of my full-timeness hehehe :)

i quit my job 3 months ago and started my shop immediately. just one sale, but many many views and hearts so i'm staying very positive. the good thing is that although my shop is new i have been creating for a long time here in panama where i live so i have many clients here that are keeping me floating, eating and being able to keep doing what I LOVEEEEE.

this is a very interesting thread :)

Posted at 7:10pm May 20, 2010 EDT

wickedpen says

Actually more like a part time job in terms of income and time spent (3-4 hours daily) in addition to my full-time day job, I'm coming up on 2350 sales and list, relist, or renew 5-10 things every day.....

Posted at 7:13pm May 20, 2010 EDT

just a hobby at the mo =D
sales = 2
listing = sporadic, due to lack of creating space (^_^)

hoping to improve all that this year!


Posted at 7:13pm May 20, 2010 EDT