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Original Post

nikkimcl says

I have recently bought items on etsy and received them. When I went to leave feedback I couldn't. Where do you click and where is it on the page?

Posted at 10:06pm May 25, 2010 EDT


Click on "your Etsy" then on the left hand side you will see "feedback" click on it and you will see where to leave it :)

Posted at 10:08pm May 25, 2010 EDT

Click on Your Etsy, then Feedback on the left hand column, then click on Items Awaiting Feedback.

Posted at 10:08pm May 25, 2010 EDT

There should be a feedback notice you can click in red when you log on. If there's not go to Your Etsy and click on Feedback there.

Posted at 10:09pm May 25, 2010 EDT

lol, I type way too slow.

Posted at 10:09pm May 25, 2010 EDT

Upper left hand corner on your etsy. Click feedback, it should take you there. Select the feedback, comment if you like. Submit Done :)

Posted at 10:10pm May 25, 2010 EDT