PayPal optional survey to find out how buyers found your shop

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Original Post

Sharing Time!
I just bought some cute notecards from another Etsy shop. When I got to the PayPal part she had section that asked "How did you find me" and a few options you could choose from. This is what I need since all that Google Analytics makes my head spin! I went into my PayPal account, figured out how to do it, and it was easy!!! Here are the steps:

1) Login to your PayPal account
2) Under "my account" click "profile"
3) Under "selling preferences" click "custom payment pages", then click "options" and go to "merchant service options"
4) Check "add a customer service survey" and fill in the blanks*
5) Make sure you click "SAVE" before you exit

* I used "How did you find SassyBelleWares" for my question. I though using my shop name rather than just "us" or "me" might help them remember my shop better for next time.

Hopefully buyers will take the time to answer!

Posted at 11:23am May 27, 2010 EDT


Thank you for this valuable information. I will research it further.

Posted at 11:25am May 27, 2010 EDT

Thanks for sharing this! I've been wanting to do this, but didn't know how!

Posted at 11:25am May 27, 2010 EDT

pixestreasure, Me too!!!! And since it is optional when they are checking out via PayPal I can't imagine that it would be considered spam.

Posted at 11:27am May 27, 2010 EDT

Fyrecreek says

Here's a Gnomish mark so we can look at this later!

Posted at 11:27am May 27, 2010 EDT

mcresearch says

Thanks sassybellewares, that would have been tough to find without your help.

Posted at 11:52am May 27, 2010 EDT

No problem! I've been wanting an easy way to find out. I just don't know what it looks like when someone responds so I'm crossing fingers for a sale from someone who will answer the question!!!

Posted at 11:59am May 27, 2010 EDT

WIAPilot says

Ugh. As a Buyer, the last thing I need is to fill out another survey! I'll pass!

Posted at 12:01pm May 27, 2010 EDT

WIA, That's ok, that's why it's optional! It's just on the same page as PayPal checkout and you can completely ignore it and still checkout.

Posted at 12:09pm May 27, 2010 EDT

WIA, you made me realize I should have's not really a's 1 question with 5 choices for an answer...but I still totally get that not everyone wants to answer

Posted at 12:12pm May 27, 2010 EDT