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Loustudio says

Okay - Julssewcrazy you are in round 38
gave you 2x for buying on bonus Thursday
removed 1x from CircleANaturals
added one sale to total

Posted at 5:24pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

Those watermelon coasters are FANTASTIC!
Great job with the Box, too!

Posted at 5:25pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

Thank you juls but I can't take credit for the box. I purchased it for the sole purpose of putting the face scrubbies in it. I did make the face scrubbies though. I've had the idea of making a watermelon dish cloth for awhile now and hadn't done so yet. Saw that box the other day and thought, hmmm....I can make miniature watermelon face scrubbies to put in here.

Posted at 5:30pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

I need to see about getting some more of those keepsake boxes otherwise I can't relist that listing. Carlos may end up being the only one who gets a set with the keepsake box. Think I might go out shopping tomorrow to look for some more. Possibly some other designs as well. Just see what I can find.

Posted at 5:32pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

Loustudio says

MeandMomscrafts said-
Umm....what's in that lemonade lou?

Nothing ......YET!
bbl need an outdoors break

Posted at 5:38pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

LOL. Thanks, Lou! I just got to this page and read this. So glad I'm not the only one!
Thanks for adding me to the treasury!

Posted at 5:41pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

vampiton says

just got home- reading back to see what I missed!

Posted at 5:42pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

Hubby went to the grocery store and took my son with him. My daughter is in the other room playing. Oh, it is so nice and quiet right now. Do you hear that? Neither do I!

Posted at 5:46pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

OMG, funny thing just happened. One of those funny kid moments. I've gotta go blog about it but then I'll post the link so ya'll can read it. Just sit here and wonder what my daughter did until I get back!

Posted at 5:48pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

H20works says

Done withe the addresses I had, gotta call and find out some more. Okay, I have all the parts, now I gotta stuff them all, then they can go out in the mail tomorrow, whew!

Going back to catch up...

Posted at 5:52pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT