Christian Artist and Craftsmen Team Thread for June 2010

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Hello everyone! Just popping in to say HI and let you know I still think of you all. I've been enjoying my off Etsy time. I opened a new shop on another site because I lost my writing job :( Trying a new venue and seeing if I can make a go of it there. God is good and I'm listening for His still-small voice! Hugs to you all!

Posted at 9:55pm Jun 6, 2010 EDT

anita, how far are you from long island?

Posted at 10:08pm Jun 6, 2010 EDT

Goodnight all.

Posted at 10:16pm Jun 6, 2010 EDT

Praying for the requests.

Good Night

Posted at 10:35pm Jun 6, 2010 EDT

hello! We just got back from a day in Yosemite National park. The weather was perfect and the scenery beyond amazing! We saw three bears swimming across a pond. What a day!

Posted at 11:40pm Jun 6, 2010 EDT

Hey all! Just wanted to update you...I'll be adding some new items in my store soon featuring none other than my photography!! Please check my store for these lovely new items! I'm SO excited!

Blessings :)

Posted at 1:09am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

Just popping in to say good night. Just got home from our last night of our missionsconference and I'm worn out! I love you all!

Posted at 1:15am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

tmpenrose says

I'm popping in to say good night too!
Cory - I hope you sleep better tonight!
Treasures - Love Yosemite!
Angela - the newbies coming into your store are lovely!
Sara - you got me curious on your photography - be sure to let us know when they are listed!

Sweet dreams everyone!

Posted at 2:07am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

Hi everyone - you all sound very busy!
Nice to see your avi Matts - miss you being around. All the best with your new venue!

We have had a holiday today. It's Monday (Queens birthday) so have had a lovely day home with the family.

Posted at 2:23am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

Checking in while everyone else is sleeping (thought I'd see if that tiara still fits!)
Cory, I'm praying that you ARE sleeping and feel better in the morning.
Went back and clicked on everyone's shops. We have a creative team!
SAS, be thatnkful for a 17 year old who even considers being cautious! I'm sure a mother's prayers help. It's one of the reasons we're here, I believe- to battle in prayer for our children!
See you in the morning!

Posted at 2:24am Jun 7, 2010 EDT