Christian Artist and Craftsmen Team Thread for June 2010

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Hey Amaria! Not bed time for me yet!

Posted at 2:25am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

Leaving this new aceo to welcome you all back in the morning! "Giver of Life". Hope you all celebrate the new day He has given you!

Posted at 2:50am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

Missed you, Jocelyn! Sorry. Did you have a nice Queens birthday holiday? Ours is actually next week, because that spreads our public holidays out a bit more evenly! Nice that the Queen is so accomodating. I wonder when her real birthday is?
I like your ACEO. Maybe I should try a few of those- are there strict rules for them? What do collectors expect, other than the size?

Posted at 4:42am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

good morning to all
I missed a lot this weekend - have been very busy.
My nephews wedding Friday night ( was beautiful)
Surprise 50th party for a friend on saturday
My son had a race on Sunday
So I was not around too much
Need to go back and catch up with my reading

I had a sale in my stained glass shop, sold a fishy night light!!
and I am in this treasury and I do not even know them - they found me

Have a great Monday everyone
Off to work - I'll be around later.

Posted at 6:32am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

Morning! Congrats on the treasury Nancy.

I'll be back in a while with FS...Praying for our team today and each member...May the Lord bless and keep you, and cause His face to shine upon you! Even if you're sleeping. =)

Posted at 6:46am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

luvncrafts says

Good morning :)

Posted at 7:10am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

luvncrafts says

Drop by my shop closing thread if you can please:
Would like to see more stuff sell before I close up.
Thank you to those who "dropped by" my thread last week, and to those who purchased from me!!

Posted at 7:25am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

Here's today's Featured Seller!

More information can be found here...on our team blog!

Posted at 8:13am Jun 7, 2010 EDT

luvncrafts says

I like these from the FS:

Praying for seller and shop.
I see she is located in Baltimore, my hubby grew up in that area.

Posted at 8:17am Jun 7, 2010 EDT