✿ JUNE 2010 - HOST - Helping Others Street Team's Chat Thread ✿

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Original Post

Spellpages says

Welcome to our friendly June chat thread!!!! Come sit and chit chat and catch up on all the wonderful HOST members!!

If you would like more information about our wonderful team, just click on any of the links below...

✿ HOST Shop

✿ HOST Team Page
Go here to Join HOST and learn more about us.

✿ HOST Blog


✿ HOST Forum ( private place for private messages) etsyhostteam.proboards.com/index.cgi?/

✿✿✿ Thank you for helping us to help others ✿✿✿

Please feel free to join in and remember that anyone is welcome to come chat with us, and that membership isn't required for those requesting help in any form.

Posted at 5:54pm Jun 1, 2010 EDT


yodamoon says

Happy June everyone!

Posted at 8:09pm Jun 1, 2010 EDT

quirkybags says

June already? Best wishes to everyone in the month ahead!

Posted at 8:59pm Jun 1, 2010 EDT

*dances around new thread*

Hello! My sister is in town so I've been a little busy. Went to the shore today. It was a nice day for it. Now I'm tired. I should really try sleeping some night. I hear it's fun.

Posted at 11:07pm Jun 1, 2010 EDT

knitrgal says


We need to get more members in here. Maybe we should send some "hello, how are you, drop by and see us" convos. Any thoughts???

JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you darling??? I hope your trip was a nice time. Come back and see us soon!!

Posted at 10:22am Jun 2, 2010 EDT

I've been thinking about that, too, LA. We gotta get more people to join us. I'll brainstorm.
Crazy busy the next 2 weeks but I promise I'll stop in to hi!

Posted at 11:28am Jun 2, 2010 EDT

That's, I promise to stop in to SAY hi.
I need typing lessons....

Posted at 11:28am Jun 2, 2010 EDT

yodamoon says

I have been thinking the same thing. maybe we should do an activity, like make an item with the theme summer and post your entry here. then maybe the blog people could set up a vote and the winner would get a host pack or something. might be a way to get more people active for a bit. if it was sent out via e-mail we might get a response. just a thought, summer is taking a long time to arrive here in Oregon this year, so i am thinking in that direction :)

Posted at 12:56pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

knitrgal says

I'm game!! It is apparent that we should "try" something!! I know folks are busy, but ...........

Posted at 1:21pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

I'm game for almost anything that might help! I'm busy but I will always have time for this team!
I know I still need to get the button contest together but I feel like that might be a little more successful at a later point. I believe we need to do some other things first to get us more exposure. The more people who know us, the more entries we might get.
Or, I could be way off base and just looking for an excuse to procrastinate. I dunno. What do you all think?

Posted at 1:35pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT