June Pet Photo Contest: "Take Your Furbaby to Work Day"

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Original Post

Sponsored by the Pets Jubilee Team.

This month's theme was inspired by Velvet. I was on my laptop and she was trying to get my attention and to snuggle next to me, but the darn computer was in the way. A friend of mine told me that her furbaby sits on the sewing table while she works. So, show us your furbaby in your work environment. Send in your photo, slide show, or video of your pet. Add some words to be posted with their pic to go along with the theme

We'll be here from June 2nd through the 14th hanging out and introducing the new entries until voting begins on the 15th. Visit our blog: www.petsjubileebox.blogspot.com; click on the Furbabies link at the top to go to the contest.

We welcome all pets: dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, hamsters, geckos, chickens, frogs, turtles, snakes, pigs, horses, just to name a few.

Here are some highlights of the rules:

- Submit your entry to petsjubilee [!at] live.com through 7:00 p.m. EST on June 14, 2010. (Please do not convo it).

- One entry per contestant (may be of multiple pets).

- INCLUDE with your entry the name of your pet(s), a little write up to go with your picture and either your picture, actual video or a link to where it can be seen (blog, youtube, flickr, photobucket, etc.)

- References to your etsy store and/or products in the photos will not be included in the posts. You can email me if you have any questions on this.

- The entry must be of your pet(s).

- Voting will be from Tuesday, June 15, 2010 through Monday, June 21, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. EST.

- The entry with the most votes will be announced on June 22nd. In the event of a tie, the person who submitted their entry first will be deemed the winner. The order in which the contestants are displayed is not necessarily the order in which they were received.

The winner will receive a free PetsJubilee sampler box and the winning pet's photo will be the team store avatar for the month of July. If the winning contestant has an Etsy store, we'll also post a link to your shop with a write-up from our blog.

Rules subject to change without notice. Check our blog for a complete list of rules. Email us with any questions.

Team store: PetsJubilee.etsy.com
Team blog: petsjubileebox.blogspot.com
Email: petsjubilee [!at] live.com

Posted at 7:09am Jun 2, 2010 EDT


Sampler boxes are on sale now. Stop by our team store and pamper your pet :)


Posted at 7:10am Jun 2, 2010 EDT

Hi. I still have some catching up to do on the other forum, but thought I would stop and say hi.

Hope to get LOTS of entries this month - great contest theme. Giupetto used to fall asleep with his head on the laptop while I was working.

I also have a picture of Picasso, he was a little Parrottlet I had a few years ago, walking on a painting I was trying to do and biting the paint brush. It was total coincidence that his name was Picasso. :-)

Posted at 12:50pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

catcalls says

Happy June to all!
Looks like rain and storms today-better get a run in quick!

I'm in a blog feature today! This kitty is the reason my Snakey Mice were created-he received the special request. And see how happy he is!

Posted at 1:39pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

hey everyone! Went to PT today & omgoodness my shoulder is hurting. Just when you thought getting a massage would be a good thing. He really worked my shoulder and I was o feeling it! He said I have knots and thats why its swollen :0( I have my next appt on Fri.

I have two more newbs :0)

Posted at 4:35pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

catcalls says

In this case Pain IS gain for you Solange. Keep at it! The girls who get hurt in gymnastics and neglect their therapy never recover or just quit. Just do it no matter how painful!

So quiet here without Diana and Sasha around! :-(

Posted at 5:39pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

Hi, I'm here. :-)
It tooke me 2 hrs tonight. Anyone have bets going on how long I will work there. :-O

Patty, I love the refurbished clothes you did for your son. Those are great! Great idea.
Solange I love all your newbs.

Those doxies on the front page were oh so cute. I guess we can't say dog items don't make it to the front page anymore. :-)

Shari, your new avatar is oh so cute too. :-)

OK, back later.

Posted at 6:43pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

hi everyone. just dropping in for a minute then i'm going to eat dinner, then i'm going to catch up on the last forum. i feel so far behind. Diana - i'm so sorry its taking you 2 hours to get home. that's just incredible. maybe something else will come up this month so you can quit.

i'll be back.

Posted at 7:03pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

I know it is crazy, and the bad thing is this is just normal traffic due to high volume. It is between 1 1/2 - 2 hrs everyday, normal day. What will happen when it snows or if there is an accident.

And I keep forgetting to tell everyone - It is Giupetto's birthday today!!! He is 6 yrs old!

Happy Birthday to Giupetto.
Happy Birthday to Giupetto.....
For he's a jolly good fellow,
Happy Birthday to Giupetto

I just gave him a new collar charm (and Gianna got one too) LOL
We will celebrate this weekend with a little cupcake or something. :-)

Posted at 7:08pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT

Oh, Happy Birthday, Giupetto! You are so precious!

Posted at 9:11pm Jun 2, 2010 EDT