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atlantisak says

I went over and created a Zibbet shop with a trial about 2 months ago...nada sales. And that's where I put my destash and supplies.
Destash and supplies usually sell like hotcakes! But no sale..not one.

Posted at 2:05pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

I got 18!!!!!
....all in the same day
....only because I had a sale.


Good luck to anyone else though.:)
They may take off but Mama can't wait for that.
Must progress.

My shops still there just in case.

Posted at 2:07pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

I tried it out...just took all my listings down.
2 1/2 months. no sales, very few views. It wasn't worth trying to keep track of another shop.

Posted at 2:09pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

my opinion of zibbet has changed a bit.

i joined last year, and i had about 16 or so kit sales.

the database started relisting sold kits! and then, i had no idea, so twice, customers bought kits i didn't have in stock.

the first time, i pulled my entire inventory, and relisted each kit one at a time, as it passed thru my hands.

two weeks later a kit sold that i did not have in stock, because i already sold it, and i noticed 3 more kits in the store i had sold.

i still can't seem to get ahold of that customer, either.
[mental note to email her again]

anyhow, so i moved the kits here.
done with zibbet, for now. i will let them work out the kinks in the system.

Posted at 2:09pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

DanaCastle says

Tried it for 2 months, but had no sales. I had a premium account. I closed it up, and have no regrets.

Posted at 2:10pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

improvised says

I cancelled my premium membership. Not worth it in my book. I still have the free account, just sitting there.

Posted at 2:10pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

I can never even get the site to load, which tells me all I need to know about it. Why bother?

Posted at 2:10pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

atlantisak says

Yeah, DIYsockMonkeys. Zibbet is still a little -too- new for me. As much as I'd love to secure an account for $7, $8 or $9...whatever they're up to, I just can't see paying for something glitchy and difficult and with no sales.

Posted at 2:12pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

well if you couldn't find a shop with any sales I think you answered your own question. There is no one there buying...

Posted at 2:12pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

galla15 says

Thanks everyone :( Sounds very disappointing. It looks like it has so much potential too :(

Posted at 2:13pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT