Question about Shipping? Paypal label or Priority mail?

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Original Post

Hi, I am just starting out and this whole thing about shipping is kind of confusing. I just want to know what would be cheaper for me and easier for me.

Priority Mail: Plus/ minues

Currently I ship with priority mail and use the small box that cost to ship anywhere in the US for $4.95. I put it in the box have it weighed and then it goes.

So I want to make it still affordable for my customers since when I post $5.00 to ship it seems to high for them. I like to ship with insurance and conformation too since I small business and I want to make sure it gets safely to the customers so I don't have to refund.

It ships and gets to customer in 2-3 days which is nice since, I don't really like waiting to long for my stuff to get to me in the mail.

Paypal Labels:

So far I hear you just print them off and tape them on to the package.

Would I have to buy boxes to put my products in? Where would I go to get the boxes? Do they sale in bulk?

Would I have to by my own scale?

I would have to buy tape.

Possible buy some day a label maker?


How long does it take to get to customer?

I would just like to know what I would need to use the paypal labels and if it is even worth it.

I have only sold one thing so far and I don't want to invest to much to soon if I am just starting out.

I would really like some advice this thank you.

Posted at 2:37pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT


soapdeli says

If you're using the small flat rate priority box you can still print the same postage using paypal. So you wouldn't need a scale and you'll save ten cents for printing your own postage. Plus delivery confirmation is free. There is also the option to add insurance in paypal. You can order the boxes in bulk for free at You can print your labels on plain paper and tape them to the package or use sticker labels from It takes the same amount of time to reach your customer as it does from the post office.

Posted at 2:41pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

soapdeli says

With Paypal you also have the option of shipping first class parcel if your item weighs 13oz. or under and your package is at least 3/4 of an inch thick. You would need a scale then to weight your items and you would have to purchase boxes or bubble mailers. A good source for bubble mailers is

Posted at 2:43pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

Oh, Thank you for the information. I was worried that about the cost difference and shipping time thank you.

Posted at 2:44pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

TheLandofG says

These are all really good questions! I used paypal to print a label for the first time today. It was very easy but I still had to take a trip to the post office to get the flat rate box. The box was $10.50! I ended up using one of their free boxes and paying $1 extra to ship, so not a big deal.

How do you use paypal shipping labels and just use a recycled box of my own?

FYI, I also purchase bubble mailers cheaply at the dollar store.

Posted at 2:49pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

I am still confused about how much it will cost to ship. All my items are quite small. Would it cost under $5.00 to ship? If it was one item as an example.

Posted at 2:52pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

for the flat rate, you must use the USPS boxes (free of charge), but you can do priority mail (not flat rate) and use your own boxes. Sometimes it ends up being cheaper than the flat rate.

Posted at 2:52pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

I believe if you ship first class for light items (under 13oz) it will be cheaper than $5. If you go to the USPS web site you can calculate the different ways to ship

Posted at 2:53pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

soapdeli says

If you use a recycled box that is not a flat rate box then you would have to weigh it and put in the weight and pay the amount it comes out to.

If it's a flat rate box you would choose the whatever size the flat rate box is. There are three sizes of flat rate boxes all with different amounts. The medium flat rate box that costs $10.50 at the post office is only $9.85 through paypal and has free delivery confirmation.

Posted at 2:54pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

Thank you so much for that answer. I will look into it for sure. I just want to make she shipping cheaper for my customers.

Posted at 2:55pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT