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Original Post

Hi! It's Kate from -- I just started a collective shop called Help The Gulf Coast for sellers to donate handmade goods to help the victims of the BP oil spill.

All proceeds, after etsy and paypal fees, will be split 50/50 between Oxfam America and American Bird Conservancy.

If you're interested in donating something, please email me at with the following information:

Your name
Listing info -- this includes title, description, tags, price and attached photos (please keep the photos within etsy's recommended size of 1000x1000 or smaller)

I'll list the item in the collective shop, and forward the transaction email to you when your item sells, so that you can ship it. All of the money goes into a paypal account (this shop has it's own account, separate from my other shop) and will be donated at the end of each week.

If you can't donate anything, please pass this along to someone who might :)

Thanks so much!

Posted at 3:02pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT


Thanks for doing this, I am consistently on the verge of breaking down. I will keep an eye on the collective, but might not donate right now because I am doing this with my items in my shop and I am giving to the Nature Conservancy's Fund For Gulf Coast Restoration. But it's all good. also just wanna keep your post alive. Thank you so much. I want to add a link to a statement by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Posted at 3:13pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

Me too... I just couldn't take it anymore when I saw more pictures of the oil-soaked birds last night. It's absolutely breaking my heart!!

Thank you so much for all you're doing! :)

Posted at 3:24pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

I would love to donate an item from my store for the Gulf Coast project.
Super idea!
Deme =)

Posted at 3:25pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

yay! Thank you! :D

Posted at 3:26pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

I will be donating later today. Thanks for setting all this up Kate.

Posted at 3:35pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

I will donate. Thank you for starting this initiative. I am furious and it's more of the same GREED harming so many, so tired of GREED. Exhausted.

Posted at 3:37pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

marking to donate in the future

Posted at 4:04pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT

Count me in, will send you the information asap.
It is so horrifying, I don't know how much more the Gulf can handle. Thank you for starting this. -Jane

Posted at 4:28pm Jun 4, 2010 EDT