Aluminum for jewelery. Is t safe.. does it hold up well

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Original Post

I mentioned to my neighbor/friend that I was thinking about trying Aluminum wire for jewelry making, and was surprised when she asked me if I was sure it was safe.. She reminded me that aluminum pots and pans are not suppose to be safe, and that it is no longer used in things like deodorant.
So it got me wondering.. anyone have any idea?

Also how is it too work with does it hold up well?
I have not really looked for it, but have not noticed it for sale anywhere.. Is it easy to find? Is it reasonable priced?
Would love to hear your experience with it, or knowledge about it.. Thanks

Posted at 5:16 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT


Kwerkii says

I wouldn't recommend it. Al reacts with acid and sometimes sweat is a bit acidic.

Posted at 5:21 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

I'm not sure about jewelry or what use in jewelry you would be looking at. I'd be interested to hear what others say. I've used it in sculpture before and it was extremely lightweight and easy to work with/bend even at 5mm thickness, which may be a concern if you are considering something like earwires or clasps unless you really know how to work wit it to harden it.

Posted at 5:22 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

Aluminum *is* still being used for cookware, bakeware, beverage containers, etc. There is some possibility that it might be linked with the development of Alzheimer's, but that has not been clearly established.

I've purchased both aluminum sheet and wire at the hardware store, but it's a *very* soft metal: butted jumprings will not hold, though traditional wire wraps may be okay.

It is also very lightweight, so may be a good choice for bulky or chunky designs that might get too heavy, otherwise.

Posted at 5:41 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

I've had the same wonderings and see it used a lot in jewelry.

Isnt it linked to alzheimers etc?

Posted at 5:42 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

Last week the news reported that a 10 year study found NO link from Aluminum to Alzheimers. That was the conclusion of the AMA a couple years ago , but urban legends still exist.
As to the reaction to acid, Alum. does pit. You have no way of knowing how acidic someones' skin is so..........
As far as drops or embellishments go, Alum should be fine. Lightweight, paintable, bendable etc.

Posted at 5:49 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

Thanks everyone, anyone else?

Posted at 6:01 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

vintagecalif says:
Last week the news reported that a 10 year study found NO link from Aluminum to Alzheimers

yaaaaay! I need all the encouragement I can get on that front!

wait, no, if there was a link, we'd be that much closer to understanding causes, maybe treatments, cures.
well, poop.

Posted at 6:09 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

I haven't heard that about aluminum pots and pans... The aluminum in deodorant isn't the same kind of aluminum they use in pots and pans, is it?

Aluminum jewelry sounds cool to me. Maybe start with bracelets and necklaces since those don't go inside your body like earrings? That way you'd avoid scaring the very cautious... maybe. :)

Posted at 6:32 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

What I have seen when shopping with my manufacturers is mainly the really big chain links in aluminum. It is pretty reasonable and suppose to be very light weight. The chain is usually colored. Sometimes I see beads of aluminum that have the diamond cut look. Do see some of the other supply sellers here have the chain.

I remember in the 80s necklaces were being made of it.

Posted at 8:35 pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

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